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Truly, aging skin cannot be evaded and nobody is excused from growing a wrinkle and showing up an age spot come to a certain point of everyone’s life. Everybody simply has got to live with the limitations and changes that come with aging. It’s not a phase in your life you should hate. It’s a stage you’ll want to enjoy as much as you’ve enjoyed your youth.

Love how you age by starting on time-tested routines that have no less than the best-looking women in Hollywood as proof of efficacy. Below are the top secret skincare routine young-looking celebrities over 50 swears by:

10 Beauty Tips Revealed

1. Have a positive outlook in life. Quiet time is the secret weapon of Goldie Hawn, 70, in fighting aging. For her, aging is no more than a state of mind. She keeps a positive disposition and has been practicing meditation.

2. Keep exfoliating. Elle Macpherson, the Australian supermodel, stays glowing at 52. She says her strategy to fight skin aging is to keep exfoliating. Exfoliation stimulates your skin cells to make more collagen other skin precursors required to regularly replace the skin’s damaged top layer.

3. Give your skin a natural treat. Supermodel Cindy Crawford, now 50, remains stunningly cover girl ready. How does she keep it up? You’ll never believe her secret is none other than a child’s breakfast staple — whole milk. Milk contains fats that moisturize skin and lactic acid that gently exfoliates it. Sometimes, even the best skin care products for women are no match to natural remedies!

4. Make more clever use of makeup. You should wear less makeup as you get older. Take it from Demi Moore, 53, who defines only her eyes and leaves her cheeks with a very faint tint of blush.

5. Make skin protection your top anti-aging tactic. Sunscreen is the top secret of bond girl, Halle Berry, now 50, in attaining her aging but still beautiful skin.

6. Spoil your skin with clinic-based procedures. People arrive at a certain age when even the best skin care products for women are no longer enough to keep the skin radiant and full of vitality. Don’t be afraid to make optimal use of what skincare science can confidently offer you. Vanessa Williams, 53, isn’t afraid of lasers, now look at how gracefully she has aged!

7. Take supplements. Nicole Kidman, 49, admits to taking supplements. Some people, particularly when aging, may need certain vitamins and nutrients when they reach a certain age. Consult with your doctor before taking any. She also believes in the power of exercise. Up your exercise benefits with BeautyBum.

8. Get on a healthy diet. For Meryl Streep, 67, what you eat eventually shows on your face and skin. This award-winning actress has been eating only organic food, and look what unprocessed food has done to her skin! A macro diet, is Madonna’s secret too. She’s 58 and she continues on world tours.

9. Keep up with your life’s adventures. You’ll remember her best from her role as a storm chaser in the movie, “Twister” and from her seven year stint on one of television’s best, “Mad About You”. Helen Hunt, 53, is presently admired for her dewy, young-looking skin even when she’s now way past her youth. She continues to pursue other things. She is now directing films and, she’s been seen hiking with her family. Stay happy so you can stay young.

10. Get physical all throughout your life. Bet you can guess what Jane Fonda’s secret is. This one time fashion model and later award-winning actress is most unforgettable for her video taped aerobics instruction exercises back in the 80s. Well, exercise does have it! She’s 78 and she still looks stunningly beautiful and perfectly healthy! Again, you can always boost the aesthetic effects of a good workout by applying BeautyBum.


Ageless. It’s the best word to describe the admirable women mentioned in this article. Their age defying secrets do not simply involve splurging on expensive “magic” creams. It took a decisive move to love who they are and keep up with aging through the lifestyles they employ.

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