The 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine for Beautiful Skin

Deep skincare routine is a big part of Korean culture—it is largely rooted in their life since early childhood when they are dragged along to share bathhouses by their mother to have their dead skin peeled off with bright green viscose cloths. Korean skincare regimen may sound a bit too extreme. No doubt using toners, essences, creams, make-up, cleansing, and exfoliating well every day could seem intimidating.

A great misconception is that you do not necessarily have to use every step every day, it also depends on the condition of the skin or the body in general. The Korean skincare routine is about creating layers, and within this philosophy each layer is important. However, gradually integrating products into your routine for a week or two and you’ll begin to see results: your skin will become more even, hydrated and radiant. Here we explain the routine step by step guide of which Korean women are indeed recognised.

Each skin is different and it is better to use products designed for each type of skin. Also, one advantage of the beauty products in Korea is that they are specially made keeping these types of routines or ”layering” in focus and are made with natural ingredients.

What’s does the Korean Skincare Routine Involve?

Step 1: The Eye Makeup Removal

In order to start nourishing your skin, it’s necessary first to clean all the makeup with an oil-based make-up remover. A good makeup remover will be perfect for cleaning the mascara in the eyes. Apply the remover and give a light massage on the face and then clean with water.

Step 2: The Cleansing

Wash the face with a foam or water-based cleaner so that no trace of make-up or bacteria remains intact. The soap can be applied with your fingers or with a brush to clean the skin better. A good choice for daily use is a cleansing foam with egg in it.

Step 3: The Exfoliator

Exfoliation is crucial to get rid of impurities and to get rid of clogged pores. A light peeling using products like a mask should be done 2 to 3 times per week.

Step 4: The Refresher

Apply a skin toner, which would remove any residue of makeup, moisturise and protect the skin. It also helps in hiding the skin imperfections. A toner can help restore the natural balance of the skin. It does not matter if your skin is dry or oily. It can be applied using fingertips to blend evenly on the face. We recommend a natural toner with organic ingredients in it.

Step 5: The Essence

The essence is less heavy than a serum, and the skin rapidly absorbs it. This liquid of enormous popularity in Korea, is enriched with numerous assets, increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin. It is the product that is responsible for enhancing and assisting in the cell renewal process. The essence is ideal for sensitive skin or the skin with acne problems.

Step 6: The Ampoule

The serum can hydrate and rejuvenate the skin in depth with its vitamins and nutrients, adding elasticity and collagen to the skin. A serum is perfect for many skin types, and the ones with snail drool add multiple skin benefits to it. Ampoules are similar to serum, but they have more powerful skin hydrating capabilities. Ampoules are much more concentrated than the serum and are known to cure skin imperfection better than the former.

Step 7: The Sheet Mask

Sheet masks can be used twice a week, or more if your face gets very dry. The wet paper masks are soaked in ingredients such as collagen, which absorbs into your skin. The best thing about these masks is the variety; most masks includes avocado extracts (full of antioxidants) or Vitamin E (i.e. anti-aging). The best part about sheet masks is that they force the skin to absorb all the moisture and nutrients better than a serum or cream—before the product evaporates. The instant effects can be addicting, after using for once, your face will become slightly plumper and much brighter due to the moisture that your skin absorbs.

Step 8: The Eye Cream

The Korean Eye creams also play a huge role in their skincare regimen. They come in the form of a ‘sleeping pack’ or a moisturising mask that gives you something extra when you sleep by providing a comfy feel to your eyes. The whole night application of these eye creams helps you fight the fatigue and wrinkles. These eye repairing cream also help your skin look smooth and moisturised.

Step 9: The Night Cream

At this point, your face may feel like a cream cake, and your skin might have a shiny texture—or as most Korean women like to name it, a dewy, “moist glow.” The main thing is, your skin stays hydrated as you recharge yourself overnight.

Step 10: Day Creams

It is quite essential before the makeup, to apply sun protection each morning to avoid damages that could cause your skin damage by the sun every day. CC cream and BB cream contain sun protection and can be vital for keeping your skin and face fresh and glowy.

Final Words

Having a proper skincare routine is the key to maintaining the health of the skin. Getting our face to look young and beautiful is a day-to-day job, and for this, we must establish adequate guidelines for our skin type and follow the plan with consistency to achieve the best results. Whatever the skin type, a daily facial cleansing always has the same three steps: cleansing, tonic and moisturising. The products we use will vary depending on whether we have oily, dry, mixed or sensitive skin.

Mindful Munching - July 24, 2017

I had no idea that Korean’s had such a regimented skincare routine. I suppose that explains the flawless skin! I need to review my routine and start using some of these tips.

    About Vicki Law - August 4, 2017

    There is definitely lessons to be learn. They seem to me much more conscious of skin care where I feel we focus more on makeup rather than prevention.

Mica - July 24, 2017

This is such an interesting routine! Thank you for sharing it! I basically remove makeup, wash and moisturise, I need to branch out and try some of the other steps! 🙂

Hope you have had a great weekend!

Away From The Blue Blog

    About Vicki Law - August 4, 2017

    Your welcome. I’d recommend adding a cleanser in to your routine as water alone doesn’t remove all dirt and grime from the day. SKN Complex has an awesome cleanser that’s kind to the skin. You should check it out and if you use the code SKN15 at checkout you will get 15% off your order just for being an SKN Blog reader.

Nicole Booz - July 24, 2017

I started using an essence a few months ago and it makes a huge difference in my skincare – I’m obsessed. It makes my other products work so much better. What brand do you like/recommend?

    About Vicki Law - August 4, 2017

    I don’t normally plug other brands as I have my own skin care range but I don’t have an essence. A friend gave me a product by Primera called Miracle Seed Essence made from Lotus Seed extract which I found really nice.

Rebecca Timmins - July 24, 2017

The Ampoule step sounds lovely. Do you really mean snail drool?!!

    About Vicki Law - August 4, 2017

    No it doesn’t mean snail drool, which I don’t think I ever want to use. It’s basically essences and serums on steroids, they have higher concentrations of active ingredients. The usually come in tiny bottles with an eye dropper. They are something you use when your skin has real issues not necessarily something you use every day.

RikaConfesses - July 24, 2017

So many steps! I used some Korean products, but not nearly all the steps. My skincare got really simple but vigilant a few years ago when I realized that just a gentle cleanser with immediate moisturizer morning and night made my skin far better than it had been. But I’d give something more complex a try to. I’d probably need to buy a kit though…

    About Vicki Law - August 4, 2017

    If I had the time and money I’d love to include some of the aspects of the Korean skin care elements into my routine, but I’ve found that the best routine is just to cleanse, tone and moisturise day and night and through in a face mask at least once a week and your skin will look super.

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Susan Minich - July 26, 2017

Such great tips!!

Susanne Leggett Stewart - July 26, 2017

I have heard that every night you don’t take off your makeup adds age to look of your skin. I do really good for awhile, then I fall off the wagon. As hot as it has been I have only been wearing mascara. The masks sound very interesting…I have been wanting to try one for a long time. Great information!

    About Vicki Law - August 4, 2017

    Sometimes all you want to do when you get home late and tired is to climb straight into bed. Sleeping in make up for one night may not cause lasting damage but continuously you are asking for trouble. Sleeping in make up can expose you to unnecessary free radicals, you see as you go through the day your makeup is actually accumulating these from the environment. Free radicals causes wrinkles through the breakdown of healthy collagen. So not wearing make up at night helps reduce your skins exposure to free radicals. It’s also at night that your skin renews itself and sleeping in makeup particularly if using foundations and thick oil-based primers it can’t do that, which in turn can cause blackhead, acne and dullness.

    Sleeping in your eye makeup won’t cause wrinkles but can be rubbed off onto your pillow and into your eyes causing irritation. It can also cause clogging in your hair follicles and oil glands of your eyelids and lead to inflammation.

    So no matter how tired you are always take your make up off at night.

dominika - July 28, 2017

This a good enlightenment about Korean skin care. Good tips.

    About Vicki Law - August 4, 2017

    Glad you enjoyed the article. It’s always great to find out what other people around the world do in relation to skin care.

Stacey Dadd - July 28, 2017

This was great, thank you!! I’ve been struggling with my skin lately so this has definitely given me more to think about! Definitely going to look at adding some more products into my regime.

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