30 Years of Flying Around the World

My story is 30 years of flying around the world , at someone else expense!

Starting as a trolley dolly and working my way up the ladder to Stewardess,Purser,and then running private aircrafts for very wealthy people,including members of the Royal family. This took me all over the world and in the last position as Director of In-flight Services brought me to Australia, operating a private aircraft out of Sydney.

I now own and operate a Bed and Breakfast in the Hunter Valley. I thought I worked hard in my aviation profession, but I was wrong . I have a ten acre property and I do the everything from inside cleaning ,decorating the rooms,cooking ,looking after my guests ,pool cleaner ,landscaper ,mowing all the paddocks and looking after two beautiful Rhodesian Ridge Backs. who I must say also look after me in  many ways.

It has been a very interesting life, especial as I started off training to become a Chef. After a four year training course I lasted three years in the trade ,ending my career as the Second Chef at the Leeds University in England.

I have done my very best over the years to look after my skin especial when I was out in the far east and middle east . Now at 63 years of age I feel  I really need some extra help with the fine lines and the lines around the mouth hence I was interested in trying your (SKN Complex) product.

So if you ever going to visit the Hunter Valley I hope you will book into Pindari House , you will not be disappointed.

Kind Regards

Monica Banks





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