4 Beauty Treatments

Once upon a time, women had only two options – to either age gracefully or go under the knife. The days where it was only one or the other are thankfully gone, and this can be accredited to major advancements in the non-surgical beauty treatment field. We are finally in a position where to achieve that perfect balance between appropriate and ageless. What we’re about to present are amazing and non-invasive beauty treatments that will allow you to take back what age has taken away, but subtly and with grace. Think of these as not enhancements but tools to help you be your natural-looking, best self.

Steal back what the sun stole from you

Sun damage

There are women who were always mindful of their skin, even when all the other girls were running around carefree, forgetting all about sunblock, oblivious to all the scary tales on the dangers of sun exposure. Unfortunately, sun damage in the form of wrinkles, melasma and skin pigmentation happens even to the most cautious of us. In the olden days, you could only make peace with the fact that you’ll never have plum skin and even skin tone. Now, the tables have turned and thanks to a brand new non-invasive treatment called Fraxel Dual you can finally reclaim your old self. This is a laser that emits energy in a grid of microscopic columns which means that not all the cells in the treated area are destroyed. Those healthy cells that remain untargeted are the ones that foster skin rejuvenation. The skin becomes smoother, tone evened and the ‘recovery time’ entails only two days of pinkness and followed by dryness. The skin then continues to produce collagen, and you get you youthful freshness back.

Beat gravity

Gravity might just be one of youth’s and beauty’s greater enemy. While there is nothing you can do to stop its effects in their tracks, you can give it your best shot and reverse the ‘damage’ at least for a while. This is where a little, minimally invasive treatment called thread lifting steps onto the stage. When Gwyneth Paltrow endorsed this procedure several years ago, it was still new and unfamiliar, but with the innovations in the field, it has become not only completely safe but insanely popular. Australian women have been putting their faces in the hands of professionals who perform the thread lift in Sydney as this is the home of a brand-new variation that uses the patented Silhouette Soft technique. This treatment gently (and non-surgically) sculpts your jawline as well as cheeks and the results are completely natural, nothing like the surgical facelifts of yore. The double chin goes away, there are no incisions and you get to go back to your life in no time.

Naturally kissable

It’s a simple fact of life that, as we get older our lips become thinner, even when they’re not visibly thinner, their plumpness and kiss-ability leave something to be desired. Fake and plastic lips are not the goal here, they’re a major no. However, there are lip injections that have been widely popular for quite some time now,containing hydaluronic acid (a substance naturally present in our bodies). This form of lip injections aims at increasing the volume of your lips subtly and serves to define your natural lip shape. The results are visible but natural and there is absolutely no recovery time.

Last but not least

This final treatment isn’t actually a treatment, but it will do wonders for your eyes. There is no need to go under the knife to regain that fresh open-eye look when a little miracle in the form of lash extensions can do that instead. Full lashes have the ability to make your eyes appear visually bigger and more youthful. Needless to say, this cosmetic treatment is completely pain-free and the results are absolutely stunning.  The additional perk is – you won’t have to bother with mascara or gluing fake lashes for a very long time.


Mia Taylor

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