4 Ways to Stay Healthy While Working a 9 to 5

4 ways to stay healthy while at work

Do you struggle to stay healthy because work occupies most of your time? Do you eat fast food and drink too much coffee because you are always busy at work? It is a common problem for 9 to 5 workers to prioritise work above their own health. Most full-time workers would admit to putting work first and themselves second. This does not only lead to being unhealthy, but it can also lead to social problems like a lack of family or friend time.

Without health, we can’t live life to it’s fullest. Being ill can leave those affected feeling tired, depressed, anxious or just not well. If this sounds familiar to you and you think that work is getting the better of you, then this article is going to suggest 4 ways in which you can be healthier at work.

4 Steps to a Healthier You

Staying healthy comes from both the mind and the body. So being healthy needs to be looked at from both angles. All the steps suggested below are easy to achieve and can be incorporated into anyone’s professional life.

For the mind: Stress Less

Most people don’t realise that mental illness is just as serious as physical illness.

Step 1: Stress is one of the leading causes of heart attacks and high cholesterol. It can also lead to depression, anxiety, blood clots, hair loss, headaches and even suicide. So it is very important to stay happy at work. One way of doing this is by speaking up and rejecting extra work being given to you. You should let your bosses know that you can’t take on any more work for a few weeks until you get yourself sorted.

Step 2: People who are overworked are usually the ones that are stressed and end up hating their work environment. Some ways to reduce dreading going to work is to only do what you can at work and not push yourself to exhaustion. Once an hour takes a couple of minutes to look away from your screen and try to meditate in that time. Also, try to spend 10 minutes in the morning and afternoon socialising with your work colleagues. This will turn your workplace into an enjoyable environment.


For the body:

People who work full time often eat fast food and drink loads of coffee to get them through their busy day. This unhealthy, fast-paced lifestyle can lead to many illnesses.

Step 3: Getting some fresh air and exercise during your lunch break is a terrific way to keep healthy. Spend your lunch breaks going for a 15-minute walk, that’s all it takes. This is a great way to keep you alert for your day, burn some extra calories as well as boost your metabolism. You could even start a walking/running group at lunch. Email your team and see if anyone else would like to exercise with you.

Step 4: Always be prepared for your workday with a briefcase full of healthy foods. Spend Sunday night preparing your work meals for the whole week ahead. Store them in mason jars to easy portable “grab n go” meals. This will ensure you are always eating healthy and have extra time during your lunch breaks for exercise. Also, remember to keep a large bottle of water on your desk and drink it all by the end of the day.

Here are some really easy and healthy meals that you can take to work:
• 150g frozen veggies, 150g grilled chicken breast, 150g cooked sweet potato
• 1 whole grain wrap, half avocado, 150g grilled chicken breast, lettuce, sliced tomato
• 1 can tuna, quick cook brown rice, 150g ready made salad
• 4 boiled eggs, 150g ready made salad, 1 can four bean mix

homemade rainbow salads with vegetables quinoa Greek yogurt and fruit

Try to incorporate these 4 easy steps into your work life so that you can become a healthier you. You won’t be stress and will rarely get sick. This will also leave you more time to spend with your family, friends and loved ones. Just remember to always prioritise the most important things in life.


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