5 Little Things could be making you age

We often hear about the big things that cause pre-mature aging such as smoking, dehydration, alcohol, sun exposure etc.  But did you know that there are alot of little things too?

Here are 5 little things that you can change today that will help you stay looking younger for longer.

  • Stop squinting. Squinting can lead to crow’s feet so invest in some sunnies.
  • Throw away the straw. Using a straw to sip your drinks contributes to lines around the mouth.
  • Stop using your hand as a chin rest – it stretches the skin.
  • Upgrade from cotton pillowcase to a satin or silk. The creases in cotton cases will eventually leave an imprint on your face.
  • Reduce your intake of caffeine. It sucks the moist from your skin leaving it dry and dull. Instead replace one cup of coffee with one glass of water each day and your skin skin will be thanking you.

Remember, its a lot of the little things that can make the biggest difference.


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