5 Natural Anti-Aging Secrets From Around The World

People are unstoppable when it comes to beauty.  Women and men will buy any beauty product that they can afford, and try anything that they can get their hands on to achieve flawless skin.

Gradually, people are also beginning to appreciate that commercially prepared formulations, like may not hold all the best answers to people’s worst skin issues, including the inevitable signs of aging.  The realization has caused a renewed global interest in natural produce that has been traditionally used as anti-aging agents.  Among which are five of the world’s best-kept anti-aging secrets:

1. Coconut oil.  Southeast Asia has long highly regarded coconut oil for its versatility for use, whether for the kitchen, relief of common ailments, or for beauty purposes.  Coconut oil may consist of bad cholesterol but, it also boosts the good cholesterol in your body which still makes it a healthier alternative for cooking and preparing food.  It also has natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties that makes coconut oil ideal for treating skin diseases even oily skin overrun with acne.

As for your skin health, coconut oil is absorbed easily by your skin which makes it an ideal, natural way to promote skin elasticity and suppleness.  You can also squeeze out more benefits from it by applying this fragrant oil to your hair.  It has been shown to minimize hair loss and promote hair volume.

2. Japanese Kojic Acid.  A melanin-inhibiting substance that is produced by and derived from several mushrooms.  It has been strongly proven to help lighten and brighten skin.  Studies have also started to link it to clearing acne prone skin, as well as in keeping skin better resistant to multiple signs of skin aging.

Traditionally, kojic has been used as a topical skincare solution, as well as taken as food for the belief that it improves internal health.  Kojic acid, as it is now well-established, also acts as a powerful antioxidant that promotes health down to the cellular level.

3. Rice water.  Chinese women are known and admired for their smooth, well-refined skin.  Compared to Caucasian or Latina women, Chinese also appear younger for people on the same age year.  Many attribute this fact to the wide disparity in what makes up the diet of both groups,  Caucasian eat more meat and processed foods while the Chinese eat plenty of natural foods.

Little do the rest of the world know that rice water, the water used to clean rice, a staple food in China and Southeast Asia, has also been traditionally saved and later used to cleanse skin.  Research has it, the practice is well-founded.  Rice water contains B vitamins which help promote healthier skin and better blood circulation.  It is also infused with antioxidants that protect cells from further damage and visible signs of aging.

4. Turmeric.  It has been hailed in many lists of top anti-aging foods as the top food that prevents the body from aging when eaten.  Unlike essential oils, however, very few people know that turmeric, a spice well-loved in India, can also be used as a regular anti-aging skincare regimen, in much the same way that it is used as haldi in traditional wedding ceremonies in India.

To use turmeric for your skin, simply take turmeric powder and mix it with any essential oil, just enough to make a paste out of the combination of both ingredients.  Apply the resulting mixture to thoroughly cleansed and toned skin. Having problems with oily skin? This turmeric mixture can help you get that problem under control, including clear your skin from acne.

5. Olive Oil.  Italy always makes it to the world’s Top 10 countries where residents seem to live longer than the rest of the world.  The small, island-town of Acciaroliin the Province of Salerno has been particularly noted for having the most number of people reaching 100 years old and over.  The credits always point to olive oil, which the Italian diet is rich with.

Olive Oil contains very high levels of antioxidants and Vitamin E, and is good for your skin whether eaten or applied to the surface.  It repairs damage to the skin matrix and is undoubtedly capable of rivaling even the most advanced commercial skin care formulations such as Lamour Skin Cream.

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On hindsight, the obsession with beauty simply appears to be all for vanity.  The motivation is much more complex, though.  People want to enhance their longevity, productivity and staying young naturally fall in.



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