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Hair straighteners are a serious investment for many women, and some men. They’re something we use every day and rely on to both straighten or curl our unruly manes. High quality straighteners save you time on a morning, and can fill you with confidence knowing you look good. When we put our make up and do our hair, it’s like wearing armour for the rest of the day. Straighteners can be expensive, and as they’re used regularly, it’s vital to make sure that they’re reliable, trustworthy, and will last you for years.

Many people now take responsible steps to make sure any products they buy are good quality by reading reviews online. This is the easiest way to assess whether a product is good or not, and reviews can be trustworthy, but they aren’t always entirely reliable. The following reasons illustrate why you can’t always trust the reviews you find online.

5 Reasons Not To Trust Hair Straightener Reviews

1. Fake Reviews Are A Thriving Business

Fake reviews can be bought on many websites, where there are people charging minimal fees to write a glowing review. These people have never used the product, may have never even tried to use a pair of hair straighteners. These reviews are based entirely on the information that the company provides, and can’t be trusted as they don’t provide a full picture, or list any of the disadvantages that come with the straighteners.

2. Businesses May Not Be Honest

“There are many unscrupulous marketers who will pay for positive reviews for their own products, but also pay for negative reviews for their competition. Hair straightening brands are just as susceptible to this as manufacturers of other products. This is a double-edged sword for all reviews you read, as the positive ones may be fake, and promoting a mediocre or poor product, while poor reviews could actually be for a great product that is being sabotaged by it’s competitors.” – says Gloria Kopp from Studydemic.

This means that both great and poor straighteners could be susceptible to fake reviews and can’t be trusted.

3. Reviews Are Rarely Sufficiently Detailed

Fake reviews“When looking for a hair straightener, it can be tempting to look at the overall star rating and base your opinion of the product on that. However, this can be misleading, as you can really only even begin to rely on reviews that are detailed. If someone has only left a few words or a star-rating, then it’s impossible to know if the product is actually of low-quality, if customer service was an issue, or if a customer is just hard to please.” – says Isabel Patel writer of Best Australian Writers.

4. Reviews Are Subject To Bias

One issue people have with reviews is the fact that they are subjective. Something that you need to bear in mind is the fact that different people will be looking for different things in what they buy. Some people might want hair straighteners that are for curls, others may want something light and slim, or broad and sturdy. A negative review doesn’t automatically indicate that the straighteners are bad, just that they’re not what the buyer wanted.

5. People Say Nice Things About Freebies

Many businesses give free samples of their products away in exchange for a review. This means that there are many reviews out there that are as a result of a free gift. When people receive a free gift, they are more likely you only have nice things to say about it. It’s also true that people who get free gifts in exchange of reviews often do that as a career, and they’d lose some of their free products if they left negative reviews. In order to keep receiving free products, people will write glowing reviews, regardless of what they really thing of the product.

Research is vital to the making big purchases today, however it’s worth being a little savvy and not falling for fake reviews to make sure you end up with the perfect hair straightener.

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