6 Amazing Australian Beach Houses

6 amazing Beach Houses

Beach houses have got to be a dream we all share, am I right? Especially living in Australia with some of the most beautiful coastline in the world.

I haven’t quite made it myself yet but while I was living in NSW I always managed to be very close to a few beaches. Sunny Sawtell was a great spot. Amazing beaches along the coast and down to Urunga where I also lived for a couple of years. Also some very interesting beaches houses.

Having a beach house with those wonderful views and fresh sea air blowing through the house is still a dream. To indulge myself I thought I’d share 6 of the most amazing beach houses in Australia.

Beach houses #1 West Head House


Design: Peter Stuchbury Architects
Photos: Michael Nicholson

This is my personal favourite because it suits my character, just look at that kitchen! I could retire there quite happily and spend my days in peace and tranquility pottering about.






Beach houses #2 Fairhaven Pole House


Design: Frank Dixon
Photos: Matt Lord (via Australian Traveller)

Very cute, a classical beach hut style perched at the end of a long walkway. I can just imagine the anticipation every time you return home. What a lovely spot. Apparently it was due to be replaced by an equally beautiful house so it probably doesn’t exist anymore. Shame.




Beach houses #3 Alinghi Residence


Design: Grose Bradley BVN with LGI Architects
Photos: John Gollings

Wow, just wow! I love the use of stone and wood that perfectly complement each other. Very clean lines and striking when lit at night.




Beach houses #4 Private residence, Palm Beach


Design: Pike Withers / JLD Architects
Photos: ???

Location location location! Set in probably one of the most glamorous parts of Australia. I love the openness to let all that sea breeze come sailing through. It might get a little chilli in winter but I can imagine sitting with a nice big open fire quietly reading.



Beach houses #5 Fairhaven Beach House


Design: John Wardle Architects
Photos: Trevor Mein

This one almost looks like a bunker from the outside giving it an historical feel. The large open windows must give a world class view of the ocean. It’s the interior that most attracted me, wood as far as the eye can see. I love that finish. (not too sure about the choice of furniture but that’s just me)




Beach houses #6 Staley House


Design: Ulrika Saar of Peter Stuchbury Architects
Photos: ???

Very striking. Large open planning with enormous ceilings as you enter. That large curved roof over the open space above looks like a breaking wave, remarkable. More than anything though I love that window to the pool. That really caught my attention.




Original list compiled by Darcy Wilson at build.com.au

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