Earth Day

6 Simple Actions You Can Do This Earth Day

Today is Earth Day! But do we really need a recognised day to remind us that this planet is the only home we have? Shouldn’t every day be Earth Day? Apparently, we do need reminding as we aren’t’ doing a very good job of looking after this marvellous planet we call home. It sustains us, it provides the food we eat, the water we drink, the fuel to power the lights and the resources to build our homes to shelter us from the weather.  If we aren’t reminded, then our children’s children will never be lucky enough to experience the same abundance, enjoyment and beauty of this planet that we have.

But it’s not too late to start making a difference. If each of us just does these 6 little things each day we can help save the Earth.

Buy Local Produce

Earth Day Local Produce

Ever wondered what’s involved in getting the produce to your local supermarket?  Some produce can travel thousands of kilometres by CO2 spewing transport before reaching your dinner plate. Buying locally produced food helps reduce carbon emissions.

Walk or ride when you can

Earth Day Ride or Walk

Walk or cycle to the corner shop to pick up milk and bread instead of jumping into the car.  Not only is it good for your health but it’s good for the planet.

Use a reusable shopping bag

Earth Day Recycle shopping bag

Did you know that 20 million Australians still use over 3.9 billion plastic checkout bags a year according to Planet Ark? These same plastic bags cannot be placed in most council recycle bins so they end up being dumped in landfills.  It’s estimated that some 200,000 bags are dumped in landfills every hour.  It’s time to say NO to the plastic checkout bag and instead take your own reusable bags.

Carry reusable water bottles

earth day reusable water bottles

According to a recent study presented at the World Economic Forum, by 2050, there may be more plastic in our oceans than fish.  That’s frightening! So what you can do? Instead of purchasing single use water bottles grab yourself a reusable one.

Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth

earth day turn off water

Water is the essential ingredient for life on Earth. We are dependent on water for drinking, eating, energy and transport but it is a finite resource and we should strive to conserve it.  One way of doing that is by turning off the tap while you brush your teeth. You can save around 8 litres of precious water per day.

Turn off the lights and use energy-efficient globes

earth day energy efficient globes

Switching to energy efficient globes is one of the easiest things you can do to save the planet and it’s cost effective. Remember to turn lights off when they are not needed.

As an individual, it’s impossible for us to have a big impact on the health of the planet but collectively if we each do these five small actions we can make a huge difference.

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