6 Tips to Make Waxing Less Painful

Getting A Wax

I’m lying partially naked on a table, a slender young lady in a white coat enters the room and heads to a small trolley and starts preparing the treatment.  Things are clicking and clacking, my pulse is racing as she drags the trolley closer to me.  Slowly and deliberately she pours hot wax directly onto my exposed porcelain-like skin. There is a moment of burning sensation as she spreads the hot wax.  She takes a cotton strip down presses down firmly over the burning ooze and quickly rips it off pulling out clumps of hair from my legs. I want to get up and run but I can’t without my pants. I close my eyes, clench my teeth and grimace each time she rips off the cotton swatch away taking with it a mat of leg hair.

You tend to forget how painful getting a wax actually is until that first strip is ripped off and I now wished I hadn’t booked in for a bikini wax as well.  Really, what sane woman would pay good money to have hot wax poured on to her nether regions so that hair can be ripped out from the roots? And for any newbie to waxing it would sound like torture but for thousands of woman it’s just a normal part of our regular grooming routine.  But it need not be so painful, if you follow these 6 tips.

6 Tips To Reduce The Pain of Getting A Wax.

Shower Before Waxing

Take a shower before heading off to get a wax.  There is nothing worse for a beauty technician than to have to wax someone who has come straight from the gym, just imagine the sweat and the odour that they have to contend with and we certainly don’t want them in a bad mood when they come to waxing your sensitive areas.  Having a warm shower also helps to open up the pores and makes hair removal easier and less painful.

have a shower

Let it Grow

Waxing is only effective if your hair is long enough. If it’s too short the wax has nothing to cling on too so make sure that your hair is about 1/2 inch for the first few appointments if you are a newbie and then 1/4 inch after that.  If you are a shaver remember it takes about two weeks after the last shave to get it to that length.

let it grow

Don’t Moisturise

Now we always telling you to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! But 24 hours prior to your wax if the only time our shouldn’t apply your body lotions and sunscreens. Waxing works best when it’s applied to clean dry skin.

Don't moisturise

Take an Aspirin

If you are sensitive to pain than take an Aspirin or paracetamol approximately 30 minutes before your appointment and it will help mitigate the pain caused by waxing.

close up of woman taking medicine in pill

Don’t Over Exfoliate

Exfoliating between treatments is great as it’s the best way to avoid ingrown hairs and keeps your skin looking fresh and healthy.  Exfoliation helps wax grab hair and not the skin but it also leaves the skin more sensitive to pain.  Don’t over exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week is enough and skip the harsh scrubs which can cause small cuts and abrasions which will intensify the pain and lead to infections.  Instead, go for a gentle exfoliation a day or two before waxing to prepare the skin.


Avoid the Sun

Don’t even think about catching some rays before your wax.  A tan looks great you will be in a lot more pain during waxing if you have been exposed to the sun even days before.

Girl In Bikinin Taking Selfie On The Beach

After the Wax

Now that the waxing is done the best thing you can do is to wear loose clothing and cotton underwear to area to breathe and limit sweating. Sweating is to be avoided at all costs as it creates a moist environment for germs and can cause rashes, irritations, redness and even breakouts.  Avoid all heat for the next 24 hours so warm showers only, no hot baths or saunas.  Use a tea-tree based moisturiser to help soothe sensitive skin and with its antiseptic properties it will help ward off infections. And lastly, try to avoid shaving between waxing appointments as it disrupts the hair growth and reverses all the benefits of waxing.

Avoid Hot Baths

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