8 Cool Ideas for Keeping Your Makeup Organised

We never back out ourselves from a party where we need to look our best. So a week before, we start researching on what to wear, what make-up to use, and the accessories that best goes along with our attire.  As parties increase so does our makeup collection. Women with a sizeable makeup collection know that keeping your makeup organised and stored is no child's play.  Even a tiny speck of unorganised makeup in our powder room looks a lot like hell mess!!!

Makeup organising is important as you plan your makeup. Keeping it sorted and stored always refreshes your mood once you plan for your next round of parties. So, here are a few cool ideas for keeping your makeup organised.

Keep Your Makeup Organised

1.   Sort Them According to Use

Now, this is important. Have a clear idea on what makeup and tools you use every day.  Sort them according to your everyday use.  A cluttered makeup table doesn't look attractive.  Create special sections for brushes and others.  Make a habit of placing them back in the place from where you picked it.  Try to keep your skin care products like anti-aging face pack, cleanser, scrub, etc. in a different section.  This will make all the skin care products and makeup products easily available at one single place.  It will save your time searching for each and everything skin care and makeup product you want to use.

store according to use

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2.     Try Hanging Them

Displaying our makeup on dedicated bookshelves, table and other furniture won't be the best choice if your space is limited.  And there might also be a probability of you tripping over your own makeup tools too in those half snoozed walks to the fridge.  Here's the perfect solution to this situation...Hang them up!!  Try hanging your makeups and tools on floating shelves from the wall and display your products in any possible way you wish to.

  • Make Use of Doors:  Why not put your doors to use by hanging your makeup stuff? This could be the best idea you could ever try. Make use of those cheap plastic shoe organisers to store your items in a well-organised manner. Try using a sticky note over the pouches on them to name the makeup or tools that have to be placed in them.
  • Organise Your "Hot" Tools:   Keep proper places for your hot tools like a straightener, curler, and even steamers. These are awkwardly shaped and use up a lot of space on your table. Try using adhesive hooks to hang these bulky tools you have. Also, make sure you hang them behind the door of your cupboard because there are items that aren't attractive enough to show off.
make use of doors storage idea

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3.     Show Off Your Nail Polishes

A well-manicured nail looks attractive.  So to can your nail polishes! It's time for them to come on out on display instead of hiding inside those dark corners of your cupboard. Place them on a floating tray attached to the wall to spice your room walls. The best thing is that they look exactly like a flashy wall art!!!

Nail Polish Display

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4.     Store Your Jewellery

Wearing pieces of jewellery makes you feel beautiful, but if you fail in properly taking care and managing them they will lose their bling and glam in no time.  So properly storing your jewellery is a must.  Getting jewellery storage boxes can be a good option for these.

5.    Magnets

This is the idea from future!!! (Just kidding).  It might seem hectic, but once you've made up your mind and go on with implementing this, it could be the wisest choice you could ever take.  All you need is a sheet of metal, some fabric and some magnets. You might think “ooh...I smell my money flying”… Hold up!!  This is really inexpensive.  The result is a storage system that is 100 percent functional, completely customisable from pins to corners.  Be creative and arrange your things according to your will.

Makeup Magnet Storage Board

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6.     Pencil Box

You can store liner pencils, mascara, or brushes in an old pencil box or case. This will keep all the small things you use in one single spot, i.e. your pencil box.

7.     Desk file organiser

You can use a desk file organiser to display and store makeup palettes such as your eye-shadows.

makeup pallet organiser

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8.     Cupcake tray

Stack pretty lip glosses and lipsticks on the tiers of a cupcake tray.


If you like these ideas to keep your makeup organised, please do share them with other. If you have more ideas please comment below we would love of other ingenious ways to keep your makeup organised.

Ella James

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