Lift, Firm & Tighten FACE LIFT – skin care at it’s best

WHAT DOES “timeless” Lift, Firm & Tighten FACE Lift do?

  • Improves skin firmness and density
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Assist in reducing and minimizing UV damage to the skin.
  • Enhances skin elasticity and tightness
  • Smooths the skin for a younger looking appearance
  • Increase resilience and tightness particularly in mature skin
  • Supports cellular activity to resist sagging and wrinkle formation
  • Rebalances dryness and protects against moisture loss

Anti Aging Aimed at You

It’s not just the painful injections every 3 months or the horror show before and after shots of plastic surgery gone wrong that puts us off. For people like you and me it’s the cost.

That’s why I’ve developed arguably one of the most effective anti aging products on the market. This is an advanced scientific approach targeting the skin around the face and neck pulling out deep wrinkles and drastically reducing sagging skin, by lifting, firming and tightening the skin.

There’s a worrying trend at the moment with the never ending cycle of dodgy anti aging claims made by fat cat markers in an industry riddled with misinformation and gimmicks.  So when I developed my own skin care brand I made it my mission to bring Australian women the very best anti aging technology at a price they can afford. Skin care doesn’t need to be expensive, not even the best most up to date skin care formulas using the very best ingredients like Lift Firm & Tighten FACE LIFT

You will start to see the effects of “timeless” Lift, Firm & Tighten FACELIFT in as little as 14 days. Your skin will be noticeably smoother and softer however with continual use after 28 days, you will see a highly significant improvement on the overall skin elasticity, tonicity, smoothness, tightness.

Innovative Science

The whole theme behind my brand is scientific. That’s because I strongly believe that science holds the key to younger looking skin. And with so much going on in the scientific world there’s never a dull moment and plenty to be excited about. But you still need to be wary, there’s many sudo science brands flying around that don’t actually contain strong active ingredients or have very low amounts so you can’t see the effects.

So what makes Lift Firm & Tighten FACE LIFT scientific?

Serilesine® is a cutting edge hexapeptide designed to improve cell adhesion, thus reducing the loss of skin firmness, dryness and yellowing of skin tone. Serilesine® fights degeneration of the dermo-epidermal junction caused by aging, increasing the keratinocytes and fibroblasts. It stimulates the synthesis of Laminin-5, which helps in the maintaining cohesion between the dermis and the epidermis, improving elasticity and tonicity of the skin. It also increases cell proliferation and induces an increase in dermis density for a smoother skin and younger looking appearance.

Relistase®: A tetrapeptide  offers an innovative molecular solution to increase skin resilience by inhibiting the excess of elastase activity, helping to improve skin elasticity and tightness lost due to the normal process of aging or by extrinsic factors such as excessive exposure to the sun or air pollutions..  By reducing excess elastase activity, Relistase® helps to protect elastin and other ECM components which are susceptible to degradation by these enzymes resulting in loose, sagging and wrinkled skin.  The tetrapeptide also exhibits collagen boosting properties favouring connective tissue improvement, enhancing tensile strength and elastic resistance, thus leading to firmer, tighter, elastic and younger skin.


About Vicki Law

Vicki Law is the Founder of SKN Complex, a 100 per cent Australian owned and operated skin care company committed to taking the clinical complexity out of the science of beauty and to provide an exceptional, inspiring range of products to Australian women. You can connect with Vicki via Twitter, LinkedIn or Email View all posts by Vicki Law ➞

Susan Turner - September 12, 2011

Hi Vicki,
The product sounds great & the results speak for themselves. Are natural products used in your creams?

    About Vicki Law - September 21, 2011

    Hi Susan

    There are a couple of natural extracts in my product but my main ingredients used have been scientifically developed to do exactly what I want the product to do – that is to – Lift, Firm & Tighten.

      Susan Turner - September 21, 2011

      Hi Vicki,
      Thanks for your reply and I received your products yesterday. Like most women today we are sceptical of new anti-aging products, but after using your cream last night & this morning I was amazed that you only required a small amount & my face & neck felt soft & not dry, even after applying my makeup. I can’t wait to see more results after 14 days. At the age of 55 you need all the help you can get!!!

        About Vicki Law - September 22, 2011

        That’s great news Susan. After 14 days you should definitely see and improvement and after 28 days it will be even better. Keep in touch and let us know how you are going.

      jenni burt - April 19, 2012

      Hi Vicki, i have been using your product for some weeks now, i am blown away with the results.
      My skin looks healthier, i look younger than my 57 years and i have had many comments on how good i look.
      i will definatly continue to you your product as i am loving the results

nergiz - September 12, 2011

this product sounds great cant wait to try it.i am 47 years old and looking faward to seeing results.good job vicky

Noa - September 12, 2011

sounds exciting, wouldn’t mind trying it out for myself.

Mandy - September 12, 2011

Sounds great will be waiting for your email tomorrow I hope im one of the lucky ones as I realy like the sound of it

Annamaree - September 12, 2011

Vicki, Hop funny but i had only just been thinking of you last week and wondering how you were getting along.

This sounds truely wonderful and something i very much would love to trial. Im in my late 40’s now and although i still feel like a 21 year old on the inside its such a shame that this vision i see in the mirror doesnt quite match the inner me.
Im terrified of needles so thats a no go for me and ive found that i react very, very badly to anesthetic so no unnecessary surgery for me. I had surgery to have some tumours removed only a month ago and the reaction to the anesthetic was far worse then the actual surgery.
I am very much liking the sound of your product instead of any other procedure.

As always wishing you the best of luck.
And thanks for helping to keep us all beautiful.

Nancy Gellett - September 12, 2011

Sounds like the magic I have been waiting for

Annamaree - September 12, 2011

oh phooey…that should read “HOW” not Hop…goodness…people will think i was talking about bunnies now…hehe

Deanna - September 12, 2011

Hi Vicki,
It looks as though you’ve really been researching skin cells and their environment intensively.

I love the packaging too very trendy and slick.

Kind regards,

Barbara Gruner - September 12, 2011

I would love to try your product. I’m always looking for a good anti-age product, and yours sounds really good especially with the Relistase1

Gwenda - September 12, 2011

I love the sound of this product – it is certainly something that I need. Where can I purchase it and for how much?

virginia atkinson - September 12, 2011

I would love to try a jar of your lift and tighten. At 50 things are now starting to sag and it would be great to find a product that actually works.

Sincerely, Virginia Atkinson

Della - September 12, 2011

Hi Vicki,

this product sounds amazing!!! where do i get it so that i can give it a try. What woman doesnt want the best she can find in skin Care, and one that does all this. sounds fantastic. I am always trying new products that claim to firm and lift the skin so would love a try at this one. Regards, Della

Beryl Greig - September 12, 2011

I have tried lots of products and nothing even remotely works. Maybe yours is different!

Carolyn Trotter - September 12, 2011

Congrads Vicki on your hard work and determination to succeed. I wish you the very best.
Carolyn 🙂

Jennifer Hogan - September 12, 2011

Wow, that sounds just wonderful and I’m glad to finally got to follow your dream. I would love to try this product.

amy - September 12, 2011

I got a email that you need 10 people to try your protect.I would to try it I have dry skin and some wrinkles under the eyes. so i hope i can be one of them to try it thank you Amy

YASMIN BALKHAM - September 12, 2011


Nicole - September 12, 2011

Hi i would love to try some of your Lift, Firm & Tighten FACE. After a lot of years of taking very strong pain medication for chronic pain it has taken a toll on my face.

Margaret Richardson - September 12, 2011

I was fortunate to trial the SKN Bust Lift and Enhancement formula and that was an excellent product that actually did what it claimed easily. This one now for the Face promises an excellent product that actually works as well, a refreshing change in an industry that often claims the miraculous but delivers the mundane. God bless.

sue - September 12, 2011

Generally think it`ws great; weel done. I think you`ll find adding some red colour will sell better(more desirable colour. Typo on sudo/pseudo. Also, i feel that it presents more professionally to not slam `the multinational poor excuse for good practice`but to promote the ethic you so obviously believe. Have faith in your products, your ethics. The market is not dumb, they will get it!

Julie McIntosh - September 12, 2011

Great to hear from you again. Your “timeless” facelift sounds really good & I can’t wait to try it. It must have been so hard to get to this stage with it. I admire your staying power & determination. Good luck with the rest of your journey.

    About Vicki Law - September 21, 2011

    Hi Julie

    It certainly hasn’t been easy but where would be the fun in that? The encouragement that I’ve received from people that I don’t even know has been amazing so it been a great journey so far be it a little on the bumpy side.

Val - September 13, 2011

Hi Vicki, I was lucky enough to try your Bust Enhancement Program and although I did not use it straight away, I found it to be great. Yes, I was hesitant as how can you turn back time? Your product truly does help enormously. Yes after having children I thought all was lost for ever. Not so, with the exercises and your creams this is not bad at all. You have done a wonderful job and I look forward to your new range of Face Care Products. Sincerely, Valmai

    About Vicki Law - September 21, 2011

    Hi Valmai

    I’m really happy that its worked for you. I must say I was really nervous bringing out Bust Boost, Lift & Tone hoping that people wouldn’t treat it as a novelty product instead of a program that really can make a difference. Comments such as yours go along way to giving it credibility so I thank very much for that.

Maryanne White - September 13, 2011

Looks like you might be on a winner here, it sounds like you have done your homework in the skin care range. Good Luck with this..we need all the help we can get.

Marilyn Spencer - September 13, 2011

Great to hear from you Vicki and great to see that the next product is up and running. Facelift without surgery has to be a BIG PLUS that will appeal to a lot of women.

diablo 3 monk - September 13, 2011

Quite! This was a very great article. Thanks on your furnished info.

About Vicki Law - September 14, 2011

Thanks everyone for your kind comments. This is just the beginning hopefully.

I have lots planned. I just need to organise my time a little more to get everything done.

Also a quick point on replying – I’ve got someone working on a way to make it eaisier to reply to individual comments.

diablo 3 monk - September 19, 2011

Greetings! Really useful suggestions on this short article! It’s the small modifications that make the largest alterations. Many thanks a whole lot for sharing!

JULIE MULLINS - September 20, 2011


Lynne Buckholz - September 20, 2011

I would love to try this product. The product could self itself with the information provided it is very positive. A face lift without surgery, who wouldn’t want to give it a go. Looking good on the outside makes you feel a whole lot better on the inside.
thank you

Lynne Buckholz - September 20, 2011

I would love to try this product. The product could sell itself with the information provided it is very positive. A face lift without surgery, who wouldn’t want to give it a go. Looking good on the outside makes you feel a whole lot better on the inside.
thank you

vicki - September 21, 2011

hi vicki, does your face lift cream affect skin with rosacea? i suffer with this and find that most skin care makes the redness worse

Jennifer - February 9, 2012

This cream is brilliant. I can see the difference it does to my face compared to other creams. It also smells great!!

Keryn - February 23, 2012

Hi Vicki,
I’ve read your Intro on how you came to develop SKN and I absolutely applaud your dream of affordable products that work for all us ordinary people out there ( I was going to say women but nowadays there are lots of men looking after their skin as well ). I have signed up for the free trial and I’m really hopeful. I have found other stuff out there that does really work and it works well – but it’s so expensive!
Just one thing – I haven’t found a full list of ingredients anywhere – could you please oblige me with a list? I don’t need ingredients to be natural ( some people think natural ingredients can’t hurt you, but I know better -poisons and nasties occur naturally too ) but I do like to know what I’m putting on my skin. I work in an industrial environment and due to a past employer I have sustained some chemical poisoning so I have to be a bit more careful than the average person.

Kim - April 6, 2012

I had the opportunity to trial the timeless face cream while I was working in the Northern Territory. Where I was living, just off the desert, was very remote and was still able to get the trial of the cream delivered. So impressed. The harsh territory weather surely put the cream to the test and It was wonderful how my skin felt even though i was in one of the most harshest placest in Australia. I had no network whilst I was there so I couldn’t post any comments to facebook. I have since deleted facebook altogether but am happy to let everyone know that the timeless cream is fabulous. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling real creamy . it soaks deep inside your skin, feeding the cells and making them pump back up again. Truly a great product.

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