Aging Gracefully: Bend Time with Yoga

One of the daily goals we often wish to achieve is tricking time.  Whether we want to create more of it or slow it down, we wish to somehow alter it.  Time does plenty of damage to our looks, and that is why we are motivated to slow it down as well. However, that is not possible (yet), but we have found ways of slowing down its effects on our skin. Therefore, we have a lot of beauty products with anti-aging effects and we use them on a daily basis.  Apart from quality products, there is something else that can help us – yoga.

It Provides More Strength…

Our body needs strength in order to stay healthy.  Yoga can help you build up on it safely. If your muscles are strong, you will be safe from the pitfalls of aging and your bone density will increase.  Additionally, various yoga poses, such as the Downward Dog, Cobra and Plank, will help you reduce the chances of fracturing your bones as you age. Moreover, yoga is a safe alternative to other high intensity exercises that can put stress on your joints and cartilage

.…And Increased Flexibility

As we age, we start to feel more pain, stiffness and aches all around our bodies.  This happens because our joints and bones are simply worn out.  There is a popular misconception that yoga is for flexible people only, but it is quite wrong!  Yoga improves the flexibility that keeps us energised.  If you practice yoga regularly, you will set down on a path to feeling more comfortable with your body and it will bring you plenty of rewards. There will be no more unpleasant stiffness in your muscles and joints after you get up.

Besides providing comfort, yoga can improve your posture and keep your spine healthy. The constant sitting, lying and basically aging, can shorten and round your spine, which only leads to more health issues.  Therefore, frequent yoga practice can lengthen your spine and drastically improve the interconnections of your nerves.  For even more anti-aging effects, there is something called face yoga, which can restore the flexibility of your skin and prevent the visibility of wrinkles.  Long story short, yoga practice is a fountain of youth.

Body Awareness

Mindfulness is something that we need no matter what stage of life we are in.  Just think about the blissful state a massage can put you in.  Yoga will teach you to be more aware of the world around you and your body.  Thus, you will achieve a better connection and communication with your own systems and you will learn to listen to your body.  If there are any warning signs, or simply opportunities to correct anything about yourself, yoga will teach you how to pay more attention to it and react in time.

body of a beautiful girl in a

Learning to Breathe

The stress we go through every day speeds up the aging process of our entire bodies.  We need to learn how to slow down and more importantly, breathe.  Regular yoga practice can help increase the capacity of your lungs, which will be beneficial for both your body and mind.  Also, if you are aware of your breathing, you will manage to control stressful situations better and reduce the very stress in you.  Deep breathing equals more oxygen in your brain, which keeps us calm and preservers our nervous system.  Moreover, yoga will improve your blood pressure; that is it will lower it and save you from any heart-related diseases.  Lastly, if you relieve stress and manage to keep calm, your body and mind will be healthier and you will feel younger.  Plus, no pesky wrinkles will show up, caused by a stressful lifestyle.

So, if you haven’t tried yoga yet, this is the time.  It can drastically change many aspects of your health and you will learn how to “bend” time.  Not only will your body stay healthy on the inside, but the anti-aging effects will start to show on the outside, as well.  If you pair all this with your daily beauty regimens, nobody will be able to guess your age and you will feel better about yourself.

Samantha Olivier

Samantha has a B.Sc. in nutrition and has spent two years working as a personal trainer. Since then, she has embarked on a mission to conquer the blogosphere. When not in the gym or on the track, you can find her on Twitter, or in a tea shop. She blogs over at You can connect with Samantha via Twitter, or Ripped.Me