Anti-Aging Pill One Step Closer

The results of a new compound that has seen the significant slow down in the aging process in mice might be ready to trial on humans as soon as next month, according to scientist. If the human trials perform as scientist expects, the market could see its first true anti-aging drug ever.

Keio University and Washington University in St. Louis Researchers, are about to start initial trials of the compound nicotinamide mono nucleotide (NMN), which had only been tested on mice.

NMN is a chemical compound produced naturally within the body of living creatures, including people. It can also be found in other food products such as milk.

As we get older, our metabolism slows and eyesight starts and the risk of diabetes is increased but these could be stemmed by NMN’s as it had in the experiments on mice according to Scientists. Additionally, scientists found that NMN activated sirtuins, a class of proteins that would normally decreases in production due to the aging process.

First True Anti-Aging Drug Set For Human Trials

Scientist are planning to accept 10 volunteers to trial the drug from early as next month  if approval is gained from the Keio University’s Research Ethics Committee.

Professor Shinichiro Imai of Washington University as cited by Japan News said “We’ve confirmed a remarkable effect in the experiment using mice, but it’s not clear yet how much it will affect humans,”

“We’ll carefully conduct the study, which I hope will result in important findings originating in Japan.” Professor Shinichiro Imai said. He went on to say  “The age-retarding effect of NMN has been only detected in such animals as mice”. said Professor Daisuke Koya of Kanazawa Medical University, It’s necessary to carefully inspect the effects [of the substance]” Japan News reports.

Depending on how the compound responds when given to humans, scientists are hopeful that it will prolong  healthy life expectancy of people, allowing the elderly to continue to go about their daily lives without restriction.  If proven safe and efficient in clinical trials, the drug is most likely to be distributed as a product similar to ‘food with functional claims.’ , according to Japan News.

At a time when the age of the Japanese population is steadily increasing and birth rates are still declining cost of medical and nursing home care continues to grow, the central Government are looking to science to find ways to prolong the healthy life of their citizens. They have promised to increase investment and support in anti-aging research to promote activities that show signs of doing just that.

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