Anti Aging Solutions You Can Try Before You Buy Risk-Free


Wouldn’t it be fantastic as a consumer if you could believe all the hype about new anti-aging solutions? Wouldn’t it just be a breath of fresh air to not have that niggling little bit of doubt at the back of your mind, like a little voice warning you to be skeptical, because you know the results you’re going to get?

anti aging solutions try before you buy

Because we live in the real world that little ‘voice’ is very helpful, it allows us to look closer at what we’re being told and make decisions without being too hasty. After all, we simply don’t have enough money or time to test everything—there’s new products being launched every day! So it’s both money and time if you’re lucky and you happen to have plenty of money you still don’t have the time to test everything.

Out all all the options how on earth are you supposed to pick the anti aging solutions that are right for you, for your unique skin type and your own personal preferences?

The answer in most cases is simple, you can’t. You can look at certain things and do some research but ultimately if you like the sound of something you have to take a risk and go out and buy it knowing there’s a chance it might not be right for you.

“At the shop you can sample products, make sure they don’t smell terrible and feel nice on the skin but you can’t stand there for two weeks to find out for sure.”

There might be one ingredient you didn’t even know you were sensitive to that doesn’t affect most other people. We all have them, we’re just sensitive to different things—it’s part of what makes us unique.

  • You can’t know if a particular anti-aging solution is right for you until you try it
  • You don’t have enough time or money to test everything
  • You’re bombarded with different messages from different brands constantly
  • Making the best decisions that suits you is becoming increasingly difficult

This is the risk we normally take for the right anti aging solutions

How many products have you bought over the years, how many new brands have you trusted?

Remember the last time you were out looking at all the anti aging products on offer, you’d seen a few advertisements and had an idea about what you wanted but you get stuck, there’s two different brands, you don’t want to risk too much money and you can’t make your mind up, they both sound fantastic, you’ve already been in the shop for 20 minutes and you need to get home, what do you do?

Well at the moment you pick them up read what you can, maybe you’ve already visited their websites, maybe you talk to an assistant who offers their help and advice—but that doesn’t satisfy most of us—you want to KNOW!

“This isn’t a Free Trial and it’s not a Free Sample”

At the shop you can sample products, make sure they don’t smell terrible and feel nice on the skin but you can’t stand there for two weeks to find out for sure.

That’s why we’ve designed a try-before-you-buy offer. This isn’t a free trial and it’s not a free sample. We have to charge a little postage so it’s not 100% free for you and if you see the amazing benefits we promise, you can pay for our revolutionary anti aging products to continue getting the results you wanted or send them back if for any reason you don’t want to continue.

This is an opportunity to first see the results from our SKN Complex anti aging solutions before you decide to go ahead and invest your hard earned money into a real treatment—without knowing first that it’s right for you.

You get the choice so it takes all risk away from wondering if what we’re offering is going to work for you or not—rather than paying upfront and taking that risk and being extremely disappointed if it wasn’t the right product for your skin. You get the peace of mind knowing that you can just send them back and not pay anything for them.

So what do we get out of it?

This is a completely valid question because we do benefit, this is a win for everybody.

First, let me tell you why SKN Complex exists in the first place because this really matters. After spending 20 years in the skincare industry as a senior executive, working for mostly men at the top developing products they thought women wanted, I started to get my own ideas and I was convinced I could bring better anti aging solutions to market that actually work.

My goals still remain:

  • To always use the best actives with proven science and clinical trials
  • Test my products in the market to get my own results and feedback
  • Always use the highest quality ingredients you love like Rose Otto
  • Provide great offers and regular deals to make it as risk-free for you as possible

I knew for example that a lot of brands only include the bare minimum of active ingredients to claim that their products include them, not in the amounts that are actually going to work.

“For the past few years I’ve been taking on the anti aging skincare industry with exceptional products that fuse both science and nature”

I had the experience with product development and running a business but I didn’t have the scientific background my specific anti aging solutions were going to need. For this I teamed up with a Brisbane, Australia based manufacturer and world renowned Formulation Chemist, Agata Mitchell who shared the same goals as me to help formulate my products.

For the past few years I’ve been taking on the anti aging skincare industry with exceptional anti aging solutions that fuse both science and nature—so my products are kind on the skin with no parabens or other harmful chemicals and they contain the latest powerful actives based on ground-breaking science.

Back to the question, what do we get out of running a try-before-you-buy offer?

First, we’re a small Australian company and we don’t currently sell our anti aging solutions in major retail outlets, yet! That means it’s rather difficult to get our message out there.

Because we’re convinced our products are far better quality than anything else on the market and because of the results thousands of women have been seeing for themselves we’re extremely confident that once you try our anti aging products you will want to buy them.

But further, we know when you finally find anti aging solutions that work, that doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear but actually backs it up—you will tell people about it, that’s what we rely on you to get our message out.

We use the best actives based on ground-breaking science with the highest quality essential oils that are not only effective at reducing your wrinkles but they contain proven healing properties as well.

It’s a win for you because you don’t have to take our word for it, you can try our anti aging solutions risk-free in your own home before making your important decision to invest in them—and we get to spread the word at the same time.

About Vicki Law

Vicki Law is the Founder of SKN Complex, a 100 per cent Australian owned and operated skin care company committed to taking the clinical complexity out of the science of beauty and to provide an exceptional, inspiring range of products to Australian women. You can connect with Vicki via Twitter, LinkedIn or Email View all posts by Vicki Law ➞

Amaia - August 24, 2016

Oh My! I just went through that “impossible to choose the right one” process… I was looking for ‘the’ anti-aging creme and it took me more time than I expected. I finally had to choose the one that I thought was the most convenient for my skin and pocket, knowing that I wouldn’t get (all the promised results) and all the anti-wrinkles, radiance, lifting, etc others promised… It is good to let the client test the products before and paying for shipping is fair. Do you ship worldwide?

    About Vicki Law - August 24, 2016

    We believe in our products which is why we run “try before you buy” offers from time to time. And yes we do ship world wide.

Niamh - August 25, 2016

Great idea! Skin care can be so expensive and it’s hard to know what will work as everyone’s skin is unique.

    About Vicki Law - August 25, 2016

    Yes, skin care can be really expensive so the last thing you want to do is spend all that money only to find out after one or two uses that it’s not right for you. A try before your buy offer takes away that risk as you can just return it.

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