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Commercial Exercise Breaks

Did you know that a current 60-minute television show can have up to 18 minutes of ads? That’s like doubled since the 1960’s! so what are you doing during those TV breaks and could you be using that time a little more constructively, such as fitting in more exercise instead of flipping between channels or making another cup of tea. Just think, if you exercised duing the ad breaks while watching TV for 2 hours, it would add up to more than 30 minutes a day!  That’s the minimum amount we are always being told we should do per day.

So let the kids look at you like your from another planet and get into it. Whether you choose some cardio, strength or flexibility exercises, you’re getting a lot accomplished Here are some ideas to get you started:

Cardio: Run, march or jog on the spot: do some jumping jacks or my favourite shadow boxing or try some simple kick boxing moves like squats with front kicks or step up and down on a stair or aerobic step. It doesn’t matter what you do or what you look like as long as you are moving and getting your heart rate up.

Strength:  Try body weight exercises like lunges, squats, push ups or the plank. Grab your dumbbells or resistance band ore even a bag of rice from the pantry and do some additional upper body exercises – including
ones that you can do while watching your favourite TV show.

Flexibility: After your heart rate is up from cardio or
strength exercises, your muscles are warm and primped for stretching. While sitting, try upper body stretches for the shoulders, biceps and triceps. From a standing position, stretch side to side, bend over to stretch your hamstrings. Sit on the floor with your legs apart and stretch over each leg and to the centre.

Now that’s multi-tasking!
Spa Treat

New Stockist

Just a quick welcome to Mystique My Body Beauty who is the
latest beauty salon to stock the SKN Complex range.

According to the owner Dorothy her customers love it and why wouldn’t they.

If you live in Wollongong and your looking to re-order your favourite SKN product or just need a beauty  treatment why not head to:

Mystique All Body Beauty
Suite 23, Piccadilly Centre
341+-349 Crown Street
Wollongong NSW 2500
p: 02 4227 3669
[email protected]
Britain Women

All in a name

It seems that all of Britain is going crazy
about the the impending arrival of a new royal baby.  There is big money
being put on as to the gender and what name
will be chosen. So far the favourite is Alexandra if a girl and George if it’s
a boy. But does selecting the right name for a child make a big difference? Will the wrong name mean that he or she will be instantly judged by others?

According to Katie Hopkins who appeared on ITV’s This Morning a few days ago it does.  The segment became an internet sensation with over 3.5 million hits
featuring the heated exchange between its host Holly  and Ms Hopkins the former UK Apprentice star. Click Here to view the segment.

Hopkins claims that it is acceptable to judge a child based on their name,
saying that we are all time poor and have to make quick decisions about the
sorts of children our child should be playing with. She criticised names such
as Charmaine, Chardonnay, Tyler and Chantelle saying “There’s a whole set of things that go with those sorts of children and that’s why I don’t like them.”.

Needless, to say the many condemned her views but suprisingly many came out and said that although its not right that they do make judgements based on a
persons name.

Is there a name that when you hear it you  immediately  know what type of child they are? And would you stop your child playing with them?


Mineral Oils

Mineral oil is a common is a common ingredient in commercial
lotions, creams and baby care products. It’s a clear liquid oil with no scent
and will not spoil. Mineral oil is a leftover liquid, a by product of the distillation of gasoline from crude oil.  It’s in abundance and cheap, in
fact it cost more to dispose of it as it is to purchase it.

There are different grades of mineral oil.  You will be familiar with products like Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly. This is one grade  but there are many others including one called liquid paraffin which is commonly used in baby oils and lotions. Whatever, the grade its known as a petro-chemical.

Mineral oil acts as a thin layer on the skin making it very effective for dry
skin.It’s difficult to absorb so it can clog the pores and slow down the skin’s
ability to eliminate toxins. When absorbed it’s broken down by the liver and passes through the intestines absorbing all of the fat-soluble vitamins it
finds, essentially robbing the body of nutrients.

There are those that say mineral oil applied to the skin is safe and that might
by true but there is still something not quite right about using a product made from crude oil on your skin.

Then there is the fact that it comes from an non-renewable resource and an industry not known be be enviromentally friendly.

This is why SKN Complex does not use mineral oils in any of its skin care


Your Story

Over the past few weeks I’ve been asking for you to send in your stories.   And I’m glad to say that you have answered the call.

I’ve received dozens of emails from people all over Australia telling me their

Some have written about  hardship and  struggles,others about their business, or dedication to a charities. Others have written about the people they love, and funny little stories like the one received from Patricia
Gibson which simply read.

” Some time ago, I was into brewing as in homebrew which I might add quite good at, but after another migraine stroke, I was not all that bright, so I’m busy doing the usual washing bottles etc, but I decided to put them in the washing machine.


I wondered as well, then promptly turned it on and Yes, you guessed it
the machine was full of glass!

And that was the end of my brewing days.My girl and I still laugh about it today!”

I think we can all relate to doing strange in our time but probably not as
strange as that.

A SKN readers story will be featured in each Newsletter , starting with a story sent in by Kahans story. CLICK HERE to read.

If you have a story that you want to share email me at [email protected]




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