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We are looking for a name?

The hardest part of developing a new product  is coming up with a name. It is the one thing that can hold up the whole development process,  it is that critical.  Without the name you can’t design your packaging, write copy or even consider starting to develop your marketing

The name determines how you are going to position the product in the market and its not something that you want to rush. I remember reading somewhere that a product
name can be described as a small poem, hitting the right sounds and striking the right resonances – it just does what is says! And that is what I’m trying to come up with but I’m coming up blank.

Sometimes a name just happens by accident for instance Coca Cola was named by the company bookkeeper who thought that the two C’s would look good in adverts.
However, many big name brands today employ people to come up with product names and the process can take months and even years to complete. Unfortunately, I don’t
have the time or the resources to spend month or years coming up with a name so I’m looking for some inspiration from you.

Our latest product will be an instant eye serum and  following is a brief outline of what it will do.

It is a product that tackles all the major eye aging issues such as droopy upper eye lid, crow’s feet, dark circles and puffiness.  It has both short term and long term benefits.  It will instantly reduce the appearance of
fine lines and wrinkles around the eye but also provide longer term benefits visibly lifting the upper eye lid, fade dark circles, smooth out wrinkles and fine lines and reduce puffiness.

As with all SKN Complex products it combines science and nature to come up with a very unique formula.

If you have any suggestions as what we should call our new eye serum CLICK HERE and comment. If we use your suggestion or a combination of suggestions then you will be the one of the first in Australia to receive the final product.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

p.s.  While I’m reminded I just like to send out a quick
thank you to those who trialled the developmental sample and provided some fantastic feedback. It certainly has help me to improve on the initial formulation.

Combo Deal

Today’s Deal

Do you cleanse & tone?  If you are not then you probably not getting the most out of your anti-aging products.

Cleansing and toning helps to remove dirt,
excess oils and other impurities from your skin as well as providing
nourishment. It prepares the skin to ensure maximum effectiveness from your anti-aging products.

SKN Complex’s Cleanser & Toner are designed to
complement our anti-aging
products but will also work with all other brands.

Buy Cleanse, Refresh & Clean CLEANSER for $34.00 and add Tone,  Balance & Refresh Toner for just $10 moreSave a massive $24!

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Beauty Tips

Beauty Tip

If you thought that just because its winter
that you don’t need to drink as much water to keep your body hydrated –  then think again!

Winter can be brutal on your skin. Cold  temperatures often mean low humidity, and that dries out the skin. Dry skin looks dull and lacks lustre so it’s important to hydrate
the skin and replenish lost moisture.

So it is important to continue to drink plenty of water.  But if a cold glass of water on a freezing day doesn’t sound appealing to you then go for a nice warm cup of
herbal tea. It will not only warm you up but herbal teas such as chamomile,
peppermint, and dandelion will help to improve skin texture. Whilst teas of
fennel, coltsfoot, and birage will help to improve skin complexion.

So that’s the inside taken care of but what about the outside? Firstly, exfoliation is a mandatory process during winter and should be done on a regular basis. A few
times a week is good as the dead skin cells will be
removed in the process.

Lastly, don’t forget to Moisturise! Moisturise! Moisturise!

FYI. DNA Youth Span is great if you suffer from dry flaky skin.


In Focus

Geranium Bourbon essential oil comes from the island, and former
French colony of  La Reunion in the Indian Ocean. The island was
previously called Ill de Bourbon , which is where the name comes from. It’s
botanical name is Pelargonium Graveolens.

There are several different varieties of Geranium the Bourbon geranium is considered to be the finest and most expensive of the geranium essential oil

The oil has a wonderful rose aroma and is both uplifting and calming. Geranium is excellent for all skin types and is used in skin care products for both its fragrance and cleansing properties. It exerts a “balancing”  effect on the skin meaning that it normalises sebum levels in dry or greasy skin whilst helping to promote cell renewal.

Geranium oil acts as a “cicatrisant” which means that it may help fade scars, clear acne, exfoliate and control oily skin.  It is believed that it
can also be beneficial to those who suffer conditions such as eczema and itchy dry skin.

You will find this  wonderful natural ingredient in our Cleanse, Refresh & Clear CLEANSER.

Monica Banks

Your Story

This issues story comes from Monica Banks. Monica has had a very interesting life travelling around the world at someone else’s expense before eventually settling down to run Pindari House. A premium B&B on the edge of the beautiful Hunter region of NSW.

Set on 10 acres, Pindari House is a spacious and unpretentious rural dwelling where the emphasis is on comfort, relaxation, quality and lots of fun in an unfussed manner. It also offers easy access to the best that the Hunter Valley and Hunter River region have to offer visitors including some of the best wineries in Australia.

And its pet friendly!

If your thinking of heading to the Hunter for some well deserved R&R, then
why spend some time at Pindari House. I have no doubt that Monica will take
care of you just as well as she has taken care of royalty and films stars in her previous careers.

I for one will be  scheduling a long weekend there very soon.

Click Here to read Monica’s story.

If you want to find out more about Pindari House go to




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