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Winter is coming

It’s turned cold all of a sudden and with that your skin starts to change.  It  becomes alot drier, duller andflakier due to  the cold  weather and  indoor heat. So to beat these winter woes and to keep your skin
glowing by making a few minor adjustments to your
beauty regime.
Warm Not Hot. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again. As much as we like to have hot showers to warm us upwhen its cold its actually doing our skin more harm then good. The hot water draws the moisture out of our skin as well as our hair making it drier.  So if you can  resist turn down the heat and have a luke warm shower instead. And if your game before you get out turn on the cold water for 15 seconds and back to warm. Repeat the process for a few minutes to really stimulate the blood flow and reviatalise the skin.
Lip Smacking:  Chapped lips can be a uncomfortable in  the  colder months so use a rich,  moisturising lip balm with vitamin E and apply it regularly (even before you go to bed). Don’t use flavoured lip balms as
these only encourage you to lick your lips causing them to dry out and crack even more.
Happy Feet: Your poor feet don’t usually see the light of day once it becomes cold.  Hidden away in socks and boots, neglected until the it’s warm enough for them to come out again.  But this is the time when they really need some love and attention. At least twice a week before you go to bed soak them in warm water for 10 minutes and apply vaseline or a rich body butter and slip on some socks. Remember to wash them again in the morning.
If you have any other useful tips for looking after your skin during the colder months we’d love to hear them. So jump onto our Facebook page and share.
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On Offer

In the next few weeks we will be including a new segment in this newsletter called “On Offer”.
This will be a special from not only SKN Complex but other Brands that I think would be of interest to you.
The important point is that the offer it will be exclusively for Beauty News readers.
I’m hoping to have some fantastic offers lined up for when we start. Or maybe you have your own business and would like to participate.
Send me an email at
[email protected] and I’ll get in contact with you.
Grey Hair

Cure for Grey Hair

Researchers at Bradford University have found a cure for grey hair which means that millions of us will be able to throw away our messy dyes very soon.
Scientists found people who are going grey develop “massive oxidative stress” via an accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicle, which causes hair to bleach itself from the inside out.
According to theF ASEB Journal, the team have discovered the accumulation ofhydrogen peroxide can be remedied with a treatment they described as “a topical,UVB-activated compound called PC-KUS (a modified pseudocatalase)”
Would you give it ago if a treatment was available or do you prefer to let nature take its course and wear your grey hair with pride.
Skin Care

In Focus

 At SKN Complex we are about the science when developing our products.

And science tells us that there are certain chemicals traditionally used in skin care products that are actually harmful to to the skin.

SKN Complex leaves out harmful  chemicals such as…

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or SLS for short. This is a harsh, caustic detergent that is used in shampoos, soaps, facial cleansers, etc.  You can also find it in engine degreasers!
It’s used because its cheap and makes the product foam up.
SLS is a known skin irritant and it strips oils and moisture from the skin leaving dry and irritated.
Look for products that do
not include SLS, like we do.
Tie a Scarf

How to tie
a scarf.

I love scarves! I like how they can turn a boring outfit into something just that little bit special.

But up until recently I’ve only ever worn a scarf one way…..the loop through way.  You know the one, basically all you do is fold the scarf in half, put it around your neck, and pull the two ends through the loop,then cinch it up. It’s quick and easy but not very imaginative. So I’ve decided to learn another way of tying a scarf. One that I’ve seen celebrities use – the simple braid technique and its really simple.

Follow the link for instructions. Click Here

Now & Then Competiton

Coco Chanel
Here is a fun little competition for you.  Send us a “now” and “then” photo of yourself and tell us what’s changed or what hasn’t or simply caption your photos.
We will post them on our website and I’ll select two of the best to receive a jar of DNA Youth Span.
I’ll be posting one of myself …but definately not the one of me with permed hair!
Send your entries to [email protected] by Sunday 26th May 2013.



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