Beauty News: 29th August 2013


Is your skin care safe?

In a recent product safety survey conducted by
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission found it necessary to issue a recall on three cosmetics after testing found dangerous levels of microbial contamination.

Microbiological hazards occurr when cosmetic products are contaminated by micro organisms such as bacteria, mould and yeast and can cause diseases and serious

The ACCC surveyed 115 cosmetic products found in shops and online retailers, that were sent for microbiological testing against internationally set
recommended limits. The recalled cosmetics are Nude By Nature Liquid Mineral Foundation – various skin tones, Australian Lavender Essential Eye Cream and Australian Lavender Face Up, the Essential moisturiser.

According to ACCC deputy chair Delia Rickard “The biggest concern with these particular cosmetic products is that they are intended for use around sensitive
areas, such as the eyes and lips.”

“Skin with acne, cuts or abrasions, or a week immune system, can also make the wearer more vulnerable to infections and diseases from the germs”

Preservatives are added to cosmetics to help reduce the risk of microbiological contamination but it is also important for cosmetic companies to ensure the effectiveness of these preservatives by conducting stability testing.

Consumers too can apply some safety tips to reduce the risk of contamination by:

  • Keeping cosmetics well-protected and containers clean

  • Do not dilute cosmetics with water, or expose cosmetics to hot conditions or sunlight.

  • Do not leave cosmetics open or allow cosmetics to become covered with dust or contaminated with dirt or soil.

  • Do not share cosmetics with others or use past the recommended expiry date.

If you have one of the recalled cosmetic products, stop using it immediately and return it to the point of sale for a full refund.

Read In Focus for more information about preservatives.


Today’s Deal

A little rough around the edges is how I would describe this issues deal. At a regular meeting with our warehouse company I was asked what I wanted to do with stock that has been damaged. It’s amazing how quickly the numbers build up and you certainly do not want to just throw them away.

When I say “damaged” I mean that the cream/lotion is perfect it’s just the packaging looks a little worse for wear. The box may be slightly crushed or the jars scratched. It just isn’t
100% perfect to be able to charge full price.

In some cases we can re-box but that comes at a cost so I’d like to offer our readers a 40% discount all damaged stock.

CLICK HERE to order now. But be quick as there are only limited numbers of each product.

Use promo code DAMAGED to claim your discount.


Chosen Name

A big thank you to everyone who offered
suggestions for the name of our new eye serum.

There were certainly some really clever ideas but I’m not sure if it made my search for a name easier or harder because they were so many great ideas.

Some of the suggestions
that came through were Eye Bright, Magic Eyes, Revital Eyes, I2I, CI2I, EyeZone.

Then there were some
other fantastic names that although not suitable for the eye serum would be perfect for other products that we may look to bring out in the future

After some long deliberation we have decided to use a combination of two ideas:

Fade & Erase Eye Serum – Kylie J of Mornington Vic and SKN Instant Eye Contour
Serum from Katie S of Wagga NSW to create
Fade & Erase Instant Eyelift Serum.

We love the name because it describes perfectly what the product will do. Fade
dark Circles, Erase fine lines and wrinkles and instantly lift the upper eyelift.

Thank you again for
the inspiration and both of you will be receiving one months supply of Fade & Erase Instant Eyelift as soon as we receive the finished product.

Cosmetic Jar

In Focus

The truth is there can be no safe cosmetic or non-toxic skin care product with out some way to preserve the product.

Not only does it extend the shelf life of the product, but importantly it helps stop nasty health destroying pathogens from forming in your cosmetic jar. To control microbial growth and to stabilise any cosmetic product, some form of preservative needs to be used.

We know that there are some preservatives that have inherent adverse effects and even safe preservatives at a too high a level can cause irritation. So it is vital that during the manufacturing process that time is spent
focussed on ensuring that product batches are stable and not over-filled with preservatives. This is one of the reasons why product development can
take so long.

At SKN Complex we decided we would be paraben free but we did not believe that an all natural preservative system was enough to ensure the safety of our products. Instead we use a combination of natural and synthetic preservatives to get a balance between being non-irritating yet effective
in controlling microbial growth and delivering a stable safe product to
our customers.

Chantelle Cook

Your Story

This issues story comes from Chantelle Cook from Stawell Vic.

Chantelle has always had a passion for photography but it wasn’t until the birth of the baby boy and not being able to afford a photographer to take those all important new born photos she decide to turn that passion into a business
and created As You See It Photography.

But that journey hasn’t been an easy for Chantelle. Family disunity and fighting would have been enough to drive most families apart let along kill off any fledging business.. But as she struggled through this period Chantelle came to realise that through it all the relationship between her and her husband had been strengthened making it easier for her to continue establishing
her buisness and more importantly capturing all of those precious moments of her growing son.

To read Chantelle’s story CLICK HERE

And if you want to find out more about Chantelles’ photography business go to or
contact her on 0424373958.

I’m sure if you said your saw it here she would really look after you.

If you have a story that you want to share send it to
[email protected]




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