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Time Flies

Wow, time has really flown by, It only seems like yesterday that it was Christmas and now we are at the end of January.. Where did it go?

There is the saying “The older you get the quicker time flies.”  But why should age have this effect?  I’d
understand it, if I was having fun all of the time, at least I would be happy with that other saying “Time flies when you’re having fun”. As I’ve aged, time flies whether I’m having fun or not.  Why is that?

I asked my partner about it, he’s a bit of a science geek and he started to explain……

“Time is the movement of all particles in the universe and the change we experience of movement of particles blah blah blah blah”. I’m sure he mentioned something about entropy at some point, but I can’t be sure.

So, I went to one place, where I thought I could find the answer that I could understand, “GOOGLE”.  Many of the  returns where so technical, dealing with brain structure and functions, neurotransmitters, it went straight over my head. Then there were those that related to parenting or religion talking about how the days are long, but the years are short. Still didn’t make sense.

I changed the search criteria again came across a mathematical explanation, which explained how as you age each year becomes a smaller percentage of your life, therefore it goes quicker. For example, I’m 49 years old and the coming 12 months will equal a significantly smaller percentage of my life then it was between my 9th and 10th birthdays, when the proportion of my life that passed in that one year was considerably more substantial. It sort of made some sense but not quite what I was looking for.

Finally,  after searching the internet for what felt like hours (it may have only been 30 minutes),  I  thought I may have to take the philosophical approach and “just live with it “. It seemed good advice but not really an explanation. As I sat there,  mulling over everything I read and pondering my decision, it dawned on me, it has to do with “anticipation” and “retrospection”.

When we are young every thing is novel… and we can lose ourselves in the experience. Our first day of school, our first kiss, driving a car, getting a job, getting married are all new experiences and they become milestones in our lives. We look back on these milestones with  fondness.   As we get older we have more milestones with which to look back on. So the farther and faster they appear to recede.

Maybe the answer is to simply have something to look forward to all the time, keeping the anticipation alive.  Or as my partner would put  “Getting a Life”!.



Run Out Sale

SKN has only a handful
of Uberlash stock left and we want to get them out of warehouse quickly. For a limited time and while stocks last receive Uberlash for HALF PRICE. and we will even pay the postage.

Uberlash takes lashes to new lengths clinically proven to dramatically increase lash length, thickness and fullness within two weeks. The advanced formula delivers deep conditioning vitamins and nourishing infusion of peptides, vitamins and amino acids.

Uberlash incorporates a proprietary patent pending delivery system which allows this breakthrough lash enhance system to naturally restore, nourish and strengthen lashes overtime for a never before achievable lash enhancement.

It”s designed to be non-irritant and safe if you
wear contact lenses. You can also wear it with false eyelashes as it helps to
nourish your natural lashes
and repairs the damaged caused by falsies.

Uberlash retails for $189 for a 4 month supply but  during this run out sales get it half price ($94.50) + FREE postage.

But be quick limited stock is available.

Use the promo code MADNESS at checkout to claim your discount.

Reverse Aging

Break Through

A study conducted by Australian and US researchers has resulted in the development of a
compound which completely reverses the aging process of muscles in mice. And human trials may commence this year.

The study focussed on
mitochondrial dysfunction, the breakdown of the cells
enery producing
structures. Researchers traced the cause of this breakdown to a
communicaation pathway
with the cells nucleus which wear down over time.

To counteract this, researchers gave lab mice a compound to help restore the worn out connectors. The results were remarkable. The 2
year old mice which
were given the compound
over a week displayed the
physiology of 6 month old
mice. Researchers say
that this is the equivalent of a 60 year old feeling like
a 20 year old.

There have also been
many stories like this in the
past  Research based on
lab results of the study of cells or parts of cells so
don’t expect that there
will be a magic age
reversal pill hitting the market soon.

Instead it is hoped that this study can be used to
treat aging diseases such as cancer, diabetes and


Hot Outside?

This summer, we
have experienced some extremely hot days and
hopefully you have been drinking plenty of water.

Water is vital to the skin’s
metabolism and  regeneration. It helps to move the blood vessels smoothly around the body bringing vital nutrients to your skin
and washing away toxins. It helps to visibly brighten your skin and hydrates cells keeping them plump.

Twenty percent of our water intake is through the foods we eat and since the body conserves water for the really important organs like the heart, liver, brain and kidneys, the skin rarely gets a drop. So it is important that you drink at least  2-3ltrs per day so that not only your vital organs but your skin receives a good long drink.

Sometimes during the day, your skin can get tired and stressed, leaving you with that
tight, dry or even oily

Well, you can freshen up and re-hydrate your skin by using Tone, Balance & Refresh Toner as
“spritz”.  Close your eyes and spray it over
your face and neck or anywhere on your body for an instant soothing and refreshing feel.

Great for these really  hot

Fun of the Week

Weekly Prize

Now you know I love competitions and I love to give products away, especially to those SKNr’s that have  supported me on my journey growing the SKN brand.

I’ve also enjoyed looking after Facebook, although it takes up a lot of time
trying to find interesting things to post and comment about. But it has been rewarding
interacting with our 8500+ fans.

So now it’s time to step it up a little.  In the coming week we will be  introducing on our Facebook page, Fan of the Week!

Each week, we will be giving away a prize to the Fan of the Week.  You
can nominate to be picked, or one can will be selected by me and other Fans can vote for a
someone else to be the winner.

To get involved is easy. First. you must have a Facebook page, LIKE the SKN Complex page and then start interacting by liking, sharing and commenting on the posts through the week.

So, if you haven’t Liked our page yet, do it now!.


It’s going to be fun so come join in.

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