Beauty News Weekly 2nd May 2013


Beauty News Weekly

Beauty Trend

The approach to skin care is changing.

There is a shift occurring in skin care towards the
preservation and nourishment of the skin rather than the than drastic approaches of previous decades of using harsh acid peels and retinol-based products. We have all seen the images of women who have been left red, sore and peeling after a chemical peel gone wrong.  We really shouldn’t have to suffer for beautiful skin!Instead, beauty gurus are now advocating investing in good skin care products that combine powerful actives such as peptides and anti-oxidants.
At SKN Complex our approach to skin care is at the forefront of this trend. Combining science and nature to develop skin care products with powerful cutting edge ingredients to fight all signs of aging with the gentleness of natural essential oils and extracts to nourish, heal and hydrate the skin.
Ebay Store

Coming Soon.

Want to purchase SKN Complex products but don’t have a credit card?  We will soon launch our Ebay store to provide you with the option to purchase our range of products via Paypal.
Stay tuned!
A Gift

A Gift for Mum

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! If you are like me and leave everything till the last minute you probably end up missing out on all the great Mother’s Day specials.
For a short time only if you use voucher code MOTHER at our webstore you will receive 20% discount off your total order. A perfect gift
would be our Cleanser & Toner set. Containing a revitalising blend of
botanicals and fragrant essential oils to nurture the skin every day.
We will even gift wrap it and include a Mothers Day card. All you will need to do is write in the card just how much you love her. But be quick to ensure its delivered in time for Mother’s Day.
Aging Hair

Aging Hair

Did you know that your hair ages too? Grey, dull and thinning
hair strands are all part of its aging process. Here a some tips to keeping your hair looking young.
Buy yourself a satin pillowcase to allow  your hair to slide rather than rub against a cotton case. All that rubbing dries and splits your hair. Your hair is at its most fragile when wet so detangle it whilst in the shower using wide tooth and with conditioner still in it. Never rub it dry with a towel. Reduce the heat on your blow drier and apply a deep conditioning treatment to it at least once a week. Your hair will never look better.
Face Lift

In Focus

Lift, Firm & Tighten FACE LIFT is our product in focus this
week. This advanced cosmetic product leaves your skin vibrant, healthy and more youthful, without the need for injections or plastic surgery. A duo peptide anti-aging daily face cream offering an instant skin lifting and tightening effect it can be described as a ‘face lift in a jar’,  Power peptide ingredients  Serilesine® and Relistase, two unique,novel peptide combinations tailored to treat specific problem areas, work
Works best on mature or more damaged skin to improve elasticity and tone.
Feedback & Contributions: Many of you know that I like to involve people in my journey, it makes things just so much more interesting.  So it’s the same with this newsletter – I want you to be involved. Please feel free to email me at  [email protected]  with your suggestions about what we should include in this newsletter or if you would like to contribute a short beauty article. If I use your suggestion or article in our newsletter I’ll send you a complimentary Cleanser & Toner set valued at $68.
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