Even though there has been a lot of controversy around organic cosmetics when they first appeared, it seems that people have completely embraced them these days.  However, if you wonder what their greatest advantages are, just make sure to stay with us and keep on reading.  Here are seven benefits of using organic cosmetics, so check them out!

Why make the swap to organic cosmetics?

They’re Eco-friendly


First of all, organic cosmetic products are eco-friendly because ingredients they feature are grown with specific methods of bio-farming that exclude pesticides and other hazardous substances.  In case you didn’t know, most conventional beauty products are formulated with petroleum-based ingredients, which actually rely on other chemicals like lead, petroleum, and aluminium, for their production.  These require extensive mining, which is often done in the most sensitive areas in the world and it extensively destroys wildlife every year.

They nourish your skin to the max

Skin is your largest organ that has the ability to absorb almost anything you apply to it, so be sure to respect it and give it the best possible care. All-natural ingredients are always the safest option, so go for them when in doubt and you won’t make a mistake. Cocoa butter is one of the best moisturisers in the world, whereas extracts of apricots, grapes, white tea, and pomegranate seeds are fantastic antioxidants.  These are definitely a better choice than any ingredient created in a laboratory!

They’re appropriate for all skin types

All skin types

Organic cosmetics are fantastic because they are appropriate for all skin types – from sensitive to oily. The fact is that such products won’t worsen your existing condition, if any, thanks to all those natural ingredients which will soothe your skin and nourish it to the max.  There are a lot of brands that offer amazing organic goodies, so make sure to try them out as soon as possible. Dr Hauschka skincare products are full of natural ingredients that will do wonders for your skin, so don’t skip them at any cost!

They’re much gentler in the long run

As organic cosmetics don’t contain unnecessary irritants, allergens, parabens, and other potentially harmful substances, they are undoubtedly much gentler to your skin than conventional beauty products.  Of course, you can’t expect that they’ll do magic overnight – it takes time for them to work, but trust us – it’s completely worth it! So, instead of going for unnatural products that seem to work better, you should know that organics are much gentler in the long run!

They’re made of all-natural ingredients

all natural ingredients

Natural ingredients that come straight from Mother Nature are always a better choice than artificial ones created in cosmetic brand’s laboratory, right?  Well, that’s exactly why you should always pick organics rather than regular beauty products – their formulas offer nothing less than pure, natural ingredients that will do wonders for your skin!

There are no strange side effects

As already stated, organic cosmetics are free from parabens, preservatives used in the beauty industry to extend the shelf life of products. These are synthetic substances that can mimic your body’s natural hormones, which is said to alter the functions of our endocrine system.  Some people claim that this can be linked to skin cancer, which is a really devastating piece of information. So, give your best to take proper care of your skin, and switch to organics as soon as possible.

They aren’t tested on animals

cruelty free

While conventional cosmetic products are often tested on animals to ensure that they’re safe and effective to use, you can be sure that organics aren’t tested that way.  Animals aren’t harmed in the whole process of designing and testing organic products, which is exactly why you should opt for them!

As you can see, benefits of using organic cosmetics are multiple.  If you’re up for taking your skincare routine to a whole new level, make sure to start using organics and you’ll see a huge difference!

Mia Taylor

Mia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for High Style LifeShe loves writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on a lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips. You can connect with Mia via Facebook,Twitter

Mica - November 13, 2017

These are good benefits! I switched my skincare to a local organic range and my skin is much better – my hormonal breakouts are so much smaller than before. I’m wondering if it’s because the stuff I’m using is now paraben free? Definitely gave me something to think about!

Hope you had a great weekend! 🙂

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