2 blogger recognition award

Blogger Recognition Award

BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD GOES TO….. WOW! It’s such an honour to receive a BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD from fellow blogger Jessica Ijezie of Nature and Health. This is my first ever blogger award so needless to say I’m pretty chuffed about it. I am so proud of how far my blog has come over the past […]

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7 Healthy Skin with minimal effort

Lazy Girls Guide To Healthy Skin

Keep Your Skin Healthy with Minimal Effort Beauty may not be skin deep, but the appearance of your skin has much to do with how you feel on the inside, and we’re not talking only about your self-confidence. Your skin is also the reflection of your overall health, and if you don’t take proper care […]

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7 Health Issues

Health Issues That Women Over Forty Have

Beauty used to be in the eye of the beholder. One of many perks today is that a modern woman has a plethora of cosmetic products at her disposal that will help her stay youthful. As we approach the tail end of the second decade of the twenty-first century, the forties are basically becoming the […]

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Fun For Mum

Fun For Mum Competition

I know how important Mother’s Day is, to do something special and think about your mum and have your kids be thankful for you. If you want a little extra harmless fun this Mother’s Day I have the perfect little competition with a big prize valued at $1268. This includes a $500 Visa Gift Card to […]

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Are You Making These Bedtime Beauty Mistakes?

7 Common Bedtime Beauty MistakesThey don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing but could you be doing more whilst you sleep to help your skin keep it’s youthful appearance?  The answer is “Yes You Can”!  So if you want your skin and hair to look younger and healthier during the day, than it’s time to ditch these […]

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ways to enjoy the aging process

Ways To Enjoy The Aging Process

Make The Aging Process Enjoyable Aging is an inevitable part of our life as human beings. Just like all the living things here on Earth, we are all susceptible to change, especially our human body. As we get older, we can expect gradual changes in our body: wrinkles become more noticeable, grey hairs starts to […]

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1 Boost Your Mood

6 Ways to Use Technology to Boost Your Mood

The Power of Tech To Boost Your Mood The immediate nature of modern technology means the literal click of a button has the power either to ruin our day or make it. A clear example of this is the way technology impacts our moods. All it takes is one scroll through Facebook and we’re likely […]

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3 Elderly ladies making fun

You’re Getting Old, They Said

It was one of those days!You have those days as a blogger when you know you have to write something but you’re just not “feeling It”. This is one of those days. I scroll through the list of topics I have in my ideas vault and everything just felt like it would be a chore […]

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