breathing problems

There is no life when there is no breathing, which is why a number of different issues causing our breathing to be strained and made difficult represent such a huge issue. Without proper breathing, we aren’t able to complete normal daily tasks and lead a healthy and active life. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you gain a deep understanding of the issues causing you breathing difficulties. As soon as you uncover the source, you’ve already crossed half the road towards healing. Once the problem is pinpointed you can take specific actions and reclaim your old self.


When you’re experiencing a very specific set of problems – a headache localised in the forehead and the area between your eyes, pain in the upper jaw on top of a wheezing, stuffy and congested nose, as soon as you run to your physician the diagnosis will be clear – sinusitis. In a nutshell, this issue is an inflammation of your sinuses that is more often than not caused by a cold or exposure to an allergen. There are numerous remedies to turn to, depending on the trigger. If allergies are the culprit allergy medicine should do the trick. Decongestants will also help relieve congestion, if ‘regular’ sinus inflammation is in question. Home remedies such as breathing in steam vapours and nasal irrigation can also be of great help. However, the bad news is there are several types of sinusitis – acute, sub-acute, chronic and recurrent. When dealing with either chronic or recurrent, sometimes surgery is the best possible option as the surgeon can enlarge the sinus passages and remove the blockage making it possible to breathe normally again and not deal with other unpleasant symptoms.

Deviated septum

No face in the world is perfectly symmetrical, and that is perfectly fine. However, when the nasal septum is way off centre or crooked, it doesn’t only affect the aesthetics of your nose, but can be the main cause of permanent breathing problems. An estimated 80% of people have some kind of misalignment to their nasal septum but only those whose imbalance is severe experience difficulty when breathing. Although certain medication can be used to alleviate the issue, the most recommended course of action is surgery. You can turn to a highly-regarded clinic that performs septoplasty in Sydney or your own hometown, as long as you do your research and are certain you are in good hands. It’s nothing to be frightened of, as it’s usually done under local anaesthesia, in some cases general, and you are free to head home as soon as you are awake. The septum will be aligned, and improved airflow will be achieved.


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD for short is a lung disease that is technically a combination of chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Persistent cough that doesn’t respond to regular cough medication as well as shortness of breath are the two most common symptoms. It is vital that you turn to your physician if you notice that these two symptoms are long-term. It is most commonly caused by smoking, so if you’re a smoker on top of it, the more reason to go to the doctor ASAP. The damage caused by this condition unfortunately can’t be reversed, and this is a long-term illness that can’t be cured but can luckily be managed and you can still have a high quality of life. However, lifestyle changes will need to occur. Quitting smoking is of course mandatory, and other courses of treatment include managing the symptoms – particularly shortness of breath with prescribed medications. Your physician will also recommend the kind of physical activity suitable for you. Surgery is last on the list of possible treatments, and it’s only advisable to those whose COPD is highly severe and when the condition doesn’t respond to other courses of treatment. In general, the quality of your life can be good, and this is something you can live with for a very long time if you follow all the instructions.

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