Bust Boost, Lift & Tone FAQ’s


The Enhance Bust Boost, Lift & Tone System works by using a holistic and integrated approach. We have combined the best of Eastern and Western practices to effectively enhance the entire bust and décolletage area. The three steps have been carefully designed to work together to give you superior results.


Enhance Bust Boost; Lift & Tone differs greatly from other breast enlargement products in a two ways. Firstly, while most other non-surgical breast enhancement products are in pill form and must travel through the volatility digestive system and eventually throughout the entire body, Enhance Bust Boost, Lift & Tone is applied transdermal (topically applied to the skin of the breast), and therefore isolates and targets the desired area of enhancement. This method of application is simply a far superior method of delivery.

Secondly, it combines scientifically proven ingredients to enhance breasts with physical development. The Bust Enhance Toning program is based on extensive research and is a series of simple exercises you can use with the Enhance Bust band that is designed to tighten and tone your chest to create a platform for your bust – a supportive platform promotes a firmer, fuller appearing bust.


Noticeable results usually begin happening in as little as 3-4 weeks. In most cases, individuals will experience increases in bust appearance of up to one cup size.


No, everyone is different so individual results will vary.


Enhance Bust Boost, Lift & Tone not only enhances breast size but the use of two scientifically formulated anti-aging ingredients of Serlisene® and Relistase® help to improve the appearance of skin elasticity, smoothness and tightness. By tightening the skin, the bust appears lifted and perkier.

The process of massaging the creams into the breasts helps to promote good breast health by improving the blood supply bringing vital nutrients required by the breast. You will also become more aware of your breast and as a result may notice changes to your breast a lot quicker.


You should apply the Bust Plumping followed by the Bust Lift & Firming lotion twice a day preferably after taking your shower in the morning and again before you go to bed


Ideally, you should perform any 3 of the specially designed exercises at least twice daily for maximum benefit. The exercises target the pectoral muscles which supports the breasts.  Toning and tightening of these muscles helps to lift the bust line giving the appearance of a larger bust. It’s important to note that we’ve placed extra special attention on designing this exercise programme to make sure the programme support an increase in breast size and not a decrease.

Remember, to consult your health care professional before commencing any exercise program.


You can only achieve a permanent increase in bust size through invasive and risky surgery. So you will need to continue using the Enhance Bust Boost, Lift & Tone system. However, once you have obtained your desired results, you can reduce the frequency of its use.


Yes, to date no known side affects using Enhance Bust Boost Lift & Tone. In fact, the central ingredient in Enhance Bust Boost Lift & Tone, Pueraria Mirifica has actually been used for centuries by the women of South East Asia for its breast enhancement properties as well as its rejuvenating properties that help to slow down aging, boost memory, stimulate blood circulation, reduce wrinkles and improve complexion.


There are no known damaging side effects. Some women may experience an allergic reaction, as can happen with any cosmetic creams, so it is important to test patch the lotions on a small section of your forearm 24 hours prior to use. If an allergic reaction occurs, please discontinue use.


The primary active ingredient is Pueraria Mirifica Root powder, which is an all-natural estrogenic herb. These phytoestrogens imate the natural female hormone estrogen and is the hormone that causes growth of cells in the mammary gland and contributes to water retention in the breast making them appear fuller and firmer.

Bust Plumping Agent actual ingredients:

Water (Aqua), Cyclohexasiloxane, Cyclopentasiloxane, Propylene Glycol

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Oleth-30,

Serenoa Serrulata Fruit Extract, Acetyl Dipeptide-13 Diphenylglycine,

Pueraria Mirifica Root Powder, Fragrance (Parfum), Polyacrylamide,

Laureth-7, Citric Acid, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Potassium Sorbate, Benzyl Alcohol,


Bust Lift & Tone Lotion actual ingredients:

Water (Aqua), Glycerin Cetearyl Alcohol, Isopropyl  Myristate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Oleth-30, Serenoa Serrulata Fruit Extract, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Dimethicone, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Hexapeptide-10, Pueraria Mirifica Root Powder, Acetyl Dipeptide-13 Diphenylglycine, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oi,l Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Germ Oil, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Fragrance (Parfum), Potassium Cetyl Phosphate, Polyquaternium-10, Benzyl Alcohol, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol


Although there is no known side effect, we do not recommend using the cream while you are pregnant or breastfeeding or for girls under the age of 18 as their bodies have not yet fully developed.

If in doubt, you should consult a healthcare physician before starting on Enhance Bust Boost, Tone & Lift Program.


Absolutely, we believe in supporting Australian manufacturing and Australian jobs.

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YVONNE LEHMANN - January 16, 2011

Anything would give an extra “boost, lift and tone” my inadequate A cups would be gratefully tried

Ronda Clark - January 16, 2011

Sounds great, I am 56 and well over weight since giving up smoking, I would love to try your system for free.

    About Vicki Law - January 16, 2011

    Congratulations on giving up smoking. Personally I’ve never smoked but my partner is currently going through the process so I have an idea how hard it is – is it normal for him to be so moody? It’s almost like he’s blaming me for increasing his life span!

Jennifer Abel - January 16, 2011

hello Vicky,
This looks like a product I would love to try, I breast feed my 5 children and am now left with boobs that look like they have had the life sucked out of them, literaly. I also love the use of some natural ingredients. I wish you well

    About Vicki Law - January 16, 2011

    Thanks Jennifer. This is also one of the top reasons for designing this product. To be honest our children should be the ones that pay for our boob jobs lol

cheryl mills - January 16, 2011

I would love to try this hopfully it will put some lift in mine which are pretty sad

Margaret Richardson - January 16, 2011

I’d so love to try this product, my bustline has always been something I’ve been proud of (ok I may be conceited but so what) but after menopause it seems to be disappearing, my decolletage is becoming much like that of an 80 year old woman, rather than my young 56. I hate resorting to wearing turtle necks, but I am so conscious of my decolletage and disappearing bust line no matter that I’ve always used special creams for that area.

    About Vicki Law - January 16, 2011

    This is one of the top, if not the top reason for creating this product. Like the hands the decolletage or chest area is one of the most troublesome parts of the body for aging.

pauline stacey - January 16, 2011

Hi Vicki,I would love to try your new product i am 43 and things are starting to look a little saggy and losing the firmness ,I would love to be able to wear a low cut top and i have time to do the exercises to help the product work,It would be great to wear different tops instead of top’s that hide my bust 🙂 I would love to be a “guinea pig “.

    About Vicki Law - January 16, 2011

    That’s great Pauline, the exercises really do help. They create a good base for the two enhancement creams to do a great job

Sue - January 16, 2011

I have just turned 40 and my partner is 25. All the women in my family have always had big busts except me, even during pregnancy my breasts did not grow bigger! Although they are not big I have already noticed gravity starting to take its toll on my breasts. Your product has got not just me but also my partner excited about the possibilities that it could bring to both our lives. No woman likes to see the signs of ageing but when her partner is so much younger these effects seem to be compounded. I would absolutely love to one of the lucky 10 people to receive your product for free but if not I look forward to seeing it on the shelves, hopefully sooner rather than later.

    About Vicki Law - January 16, 2011

    I can understand that completely, I’m 43 and my partner is 28 so the age gap is the same. Thanks, I hope we’re in the stores sooner as well, I’m certainly pushing for it.

Nicole - January 16, 2011

Hi at nearly 40 & after having 3 children. My breast are now left full of stretch marks & are sagging. I would love to try this product it would be nice to have my breast back.

sharon - January 16, 2011

Hi Vicki would love to try your product after having my kids my b cup looks like a saggy rag, dont try and picture it !!!.

mary keppel - January 16, 2011

Had 4 children now 58 can you really help, it would be great if your product is the answer for women who want to revitalize their bodies Mary

SHEREE C - January 16, 2011


amanda betar - January 16, 2011

Im 42, my bust line has always been my pride, only a c cup, but after many years, like most woman gravity’s taking hold have tryed many creams that say they work but never do.If i get get it back to some what normal would be a dream come true? use to always wear single top now wear top that seem to cover me up? sign me up for real.

Judith Martin - January 16, 2011

Hi Vicki
I would love to try this product I have just turned 51 and well my bust is not in the place it should be. To have perky breasts again would be so wonderful I have thought of the surgury to lift my breasts but the cost and risk of such an operation is too high. My husband says he doesnt care but I do care so this production could only enhance my selfesteem. Good luck with your new product

Maryanne White - January 16, 2011

I would dearly love to be able to try your product, I never had large breasts but they were nice and firm and round, but once I had my son and breastfed I lost alot of the shape, i do try and buy booster bras but they are really uncomfortable. If this products works it would be just amazing, please keep me in mind.

Debbie G - January 16, 2011

Hi Vicki, I had been wondering were you had disappeared too. Pleased to hear from you again. I like the others would like to try your new product. I have never had a big bust. Before children I was flat out filling an A cup and after each child I went backwards from there. I am now 53 and the empty hollow feeling has been filled in with menopause but there is still room for improvement. Being able to improve the whole bust area including the decolletage sounds just like the age defying treatment I need.

Irene Long - January 16, 2011

I would love to try your new product. I am a survivor of breast cancer and have just reached that magic 5 year anniversary without any more problems – but my breasts have done a marathon. At age 45, anything to get them looking and feeling better would be a miracle!

Kerrie - January 16, 2011

Hey Vicki,
OMG, thank you, that there is a product out there for all of us women who do not want to go under the knife. I am nearly 47 years of age, and recently been on an amazing health kick, and over the last 6 months lost nearly 15 kilos, feel fantastic, and fitness is my new forties favourite word. However, the only thing I am sad about is when I lost my weight I lost my boobs too. The one thing I didn’t want to lose. I would love to try the product and give you some feedback, and I am sure it will be all positive, thats what I have been all positive since I have found the new me.

Donna Landy - January 16, 2011

Hi Vicki,
After breast feeding 4 babies my breasts are pointing south, so i would love to regain some of the perkiness back in my breasts.
I am 43 and my partner is 33 he loves me as i am but i cant help but think he would love it if my breasts did`nt point south and so would i so i would love to try your products more so for myself esteem if nothing else 🙂

Annamaree - January 16, 2011

What uncanny timing as just this morning i was moaning to my man that i feel like my boobs have fallen in love with my feet so thats where they are heading. After feeding 3 children i think i could do with some help in the breast department.
Thank you Vicki for the opportunity.

Tracie - January 16, 2011

Hi I’m 36 with 2 kids. I’ve been separated for just over a year now and as i can’t afford surgery this would help me enormously. I haven’t been able toget romantically involved since my breakup as i am so paranoid about my breasts.Plz help

kate - January 16, 2011

Your product sounds great to me! I’d love to try it. I’m only 38 but after losing a lot of weight (20kg) my boobs have really dropped and my decolletage is wrinkly and worn. oh to be 16 and slim again! The lift and tone of your product sounds like just what i need. Thanks for developing a product we can use when surgery seems out of reach.

Cindy Chalker - January 16, 2011

Hey Vicki

I’d love to try it as I am 36 and after two kids my girls are a bit saggy and are desperately calling out for help. I’d love to try something before I get too old and all hope is gone.

Juanita - January 16, 2011

Hi Vicki,

Happy New Year to you and yes I did have a lovely Christmas.
This sounds like a very exciting product and concept and I’d love the opportunity to “run it through its’ paces” and give my honest opinion and thoughts to you.
I’m 41 and gravity is beginning to seep into my breasts, which I find quite horrifying. The skin around my decolletege is not at its best, I put heaps of effort into my facial skin and tend to forget about that part of me. I’d love to rectify this and bring out the best of my chest!!

Bobbie - January 16, 2011

Hi Vicki

I would love to try your product. I am only 35. I have had two children 4yrs and 14months and breastfed both of them. my 4 year old until he was 2 and my 14 month until she was 1. My boobs are a lovely shape but flat. My husband describes them as two golf balls in a set of football socks. I refuse plastic surgery as I would rather spend the money on a very good bra.
I was also an extremely reckless young lady and sunbathed incessantly and always wore singlets and low cut shirts in an endeavour to have that bronze blonde beach babe look that my now ex boyfriend admired so much. My worst body is my decolletage. It is all crepey and resembles chicken skin. Someone actually insensitvely said to me one morning at work ‘What the heck is wrong with your neck?’ I was obviously mortified as I was only 32 then. I now slather sunscreen on it and wear high neck clothes when in public. I don’t know how to fix it! Please help fix my chicken skin and flat little boobies.

Bobbie - January 16, 2011

Hi sorry it’s Bobbie again,
The reason I mentioned the chicken skin decolletage as I think your product would probably help in toning and maybe lifting the skin there as well. It would be wonderful for me if it does and amazing for you as you could develop it as a decolletage cream also!

leanne - January 16, 2011

hi, even though im not a large busted woman, i can still see the difference age has made to my bust line! i would love to try this product to give me back the confidence i used to have 20 yrs ago…

Maggie - January 16, 2011

An increase in up to one cup size! I have dealt with small breasts forever, and only dreamt of any kind of enhancement, due to the cost. I would love to trial your product and benefit from the results you explain. I might finally be able to wear clothes without being self conscious of my lack of breasts to enhance the outfit.

Kathleen - January 16, 2011

Hi, I have tried so many things to help lift and tone my breasts and nothing ever seems to work, the way they “sit” is affecting my confidence and I would love to try this to see how it can help! I love reviewing things and I would definietly be up for giving feedback on how it helps, even a little:) I hope you choose me! Thanks

Alamia Dolan - January 16, 2011

Hi Vicki, I would love to try your product. After 2 children and several years later they are what they use to be anymore. The décolletage area needs repair and my bust could certainly do with a lift. Thank you for bringing a product like this to the market place as we need the self esteeme and confidence we all once had but lost due to the natural changes that childbearing and age leaves us in. I would love to try this product out for you as if it does what you say I would be a very happy customer.

Best Regards and Success

Laurelle - January 17, 2011

Hi Vicki, I am in my early 40’s and have small breasts, I have always been embarrassed by my small A’s and have even been teased about it when I was younger and have always felt inadequate. I now have a a partner who is only 28 years old and while he has never complained about them, I would like to have a chance to try and improve my breasts for my own self-esteem. I would love a chance to try your product and hope with all my heart to see it on the shelves soon.

Julie Morton - January 17, 2011

Hi Vicky
I am 43 and I also have a husband who is 10 years tounger than me. I have 2 grown kids and a 3yo grand daughter. My body is not what it used to be. I would love to try your product and give you an honest unbiased review. I am sure my husband will even write a review aswell so you get a males opinion to.
Regards and best wishes

Gillian Walton - January 17, 2011

I’ve always had uneven boobs, and at 53 and the onset of menopause, things have taken a downward look. Would love to try your product, and hopefully have more upward and fuller look…

Julie McIntosh - January 17, 2011

Hi Vicki
I would really luv to try this new product. A few days before Christmas I had a malignant lump removed from my left breast. The site is healing quite well but the breast itself is a bit smaller & I have to put a pad inside my bra to make both breasts look the same. If I could enhance my left breast with your cream I may not have to wear the pad. I’m not in a relationship at the moment but even if the right man did come along I would be too embarassed for him to see my breasts as they are. Regards Julie

Belinda Booth - January 17, 2011

Hi Vicki,
I am 35 and have had 5 children, my breast have gone from a b cup to a dd in that time and I have not been comfortable with there apearence for a long time. I would really like to try your product and try to get some of my confidence back.

roshan hill - January 17, 2011

i would love to trial this product – I am a 18 dd and getting on – I need this to keep everything from going south:-D

Nicole Perrin - January 17, 2011

Hi Vicki,
After reading all the others my story is pretty much the same. I am 32 and after having 3 kids my bust is stretched and heading south. I am still young but feel very old and look tired in that area. After starting a new career last year I would love to have a new boost in that area too.

Aranda - January 17, 2011

Hi Vicki.This product sounds wonderful especially being a natural product. I turned 40 last year and have lost alot of weight and have breastfed as well. But alas my breast have now hit rock bottom, it will get to the stage where I will be lifting my skirt to flash my breasts!!! I am sick of wearing sports bras to perk them up. I also ended up with stretch marks and am finding it really hard to find nice tops to wear. I would be happy to participate in the exercises and leave the right feedback……
As for your partner giving up smoking…the mood swings etc can be awful, just smile and tell him hes doing great (even tho you may want to wring his neck) he will thank you later for the support.
Thanks 🙂

Catherine - January 17, 2011

Hi Vicki,
I am 58 and my breasts aren’t too bad for my age, except they could be a little firmer. The worst part is my decolletage. That is the thing that gives my age away. I would love to try this product to see if it would improve. I don’t even like wearing low necklines because of it.

Leanne - January 17, 2011

Hey vicki, would love to try boost, lift and tone. After eight children i need something to try and get back to normal.

melinda hall - January 17, 2011

I would love to try this product .Im not to keen on plastic surgery.This would be a great alternative.I have had 4 kids and I have breast fed.I am an A cup so firming them up would be the perfect solution.I have rib bones that stick out in my chest area before i had kids you couldnt notice this as much but now you can.please let me try this product it sounds like it would make an improvement for me.thanks

Chrissy Blatch - January 17, 2011

I would love to see if it worked as I am 43 I have 6 children and have always had a complex about my saggy boobs and as I would be scared to go under the knife to get a bood job, I would really love to see if it really does work, sounds too good to be true, my partner loves me the way i am but when u get older i get more self conscious about my appearance and still like to look good.

Judy McGrath - January 17, 2011

Hi Vicki,
I would really love to try this new product. After breastfeeding three children I have shrunk to a saggy “A” cup and I wouldn’t entertain the thought of surgery. But if there is a natural alternative available I would love to try it, and would look forward to passing on my feedback when trialled.


Judy McGrath

vicki-jane ross - January 17, 2011

Hi Vicki, I hope your product blows all them all out of the water. I would dearly love to try your product, as a mum of 3 breastfed kids I’d like to feel more like a woman instead of a outdated milk vat that has past it’s use by date.

Deborah - January 17, 2011

I’d love to try this product, being over 50, the effects of menopause and see-sawing weight have really taken it’s toll. It all seems to be going south and I really would like to reverse this decline. Of course being natural products is a big plus

Darlene - January 18, 2011

Both of my kids where big feeders and have left me with saggy, empty boobs and 2 sizes smaller from c/d to a/b. im only 25 and have lost a lot of the confidence i used to have when i had a bigger and fuller boobs. i would absolutely love to try boost lift and tone and hopefully regain some of my confidence.

Deborah James - January 18, 2011

Hi, I am 52 years old and after 3 kids my breasts are very very sad. Its like the stuffing has gone out of them. If I wear anything that shows the girls even just a little I am so conscious of how they wobble around because there is no firmness at all and thats with a bra on. They also sag a lot and very soon I’m sure I will have to roll them up to put into my bra. I would so love to try your product. I am very self conscious about them and have been for a long time. I have given up thinking there is anything I can do to improve them that does not involve surgery which is not for me. With menopause I have hated the extra weight I have put on and carnt seem to get rid of. If I could feel even a bit better about one part of my body it would help me get my self confidence back. Any improvement would be such a blessing.

Di - January 21, 2011

Yes…lets get the kids to pay for our boobs…at 55 I am sure that I can actually throw mine over my shoulders..they have also got alot bigger…always wanted big boobies…and after having part of one removed because of cancer..they are 2 different sizes…BUT…I am just thankful to have them no matter how out of sync they are.~!

Medicine Ball Exercises - January 24, 2011

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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