What Can Olive Oil Do for Facial Skin?

The Good oil on Olive Oil

Olive oil is considered as the healthiest oil on the planet. It prevents cardiovascular diseases and is associated with a wide array of other health benefits. Olive oil is an inevitable part of Mediterranean diet which is one of the best diets you can follow. Besides benefits for your overall health and well-being, it is assumed olive oil is beneficial for your skin as well. Can you use olive oil in skin care? Keep reading to find out.

Olive oil and anti-aging

Aging is a natural process that you, simply, cannot avoid. However, your skin can start aging prematurely, and the sun is the primary culprit for this. Sun’s damaging UV rays break down collagen production and impair elasticity thus contributing to the saggy skin where fine lines and wrinkles show up easily. There are various ways to slow down the aging process, and olive oil can be extremely helpful. For instance, a team of researchers led by Julie Latreille of the Research Center on Human Skin Founded by CHANEL conducted a study to inspect the link between monounsaturated fatty acids and photoaging. The study included 1264 women and 1655 men. Results of the research, published in the journal PLoS ONE, showed that lower risk of severe photoaging was associated with higher intake of monounsaturated fatty acids. Scientists concluded the study explaining that these findings supported beneficial effects of olive oil on skin health and decreased the risk of photoaging. It’s rich in antioxidants which attack free radicals to prevent oxidative damage.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties. This is why it’s beneficial for your meals and your skin at the same time. If you suffer from inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, or even skin dandruff, dryness or itchiness, olive oil can help. A compound found in olive oil; oleocanthal relieves inflammation.

Lip scrub

If you have chapped lips that peel all the time you can restore the smoothness to your skin with the scrub made of sugar and olive oil. Just mix sugar with a teaspoon of oil and you can also add lemon juice (optional). This scrub also works perfectly for your entire body.


Exfoliation or the process of removing dead skin cells is important for skin radiance, even tone, smooth texture. Furthermore, this process speeds up skin renewal process thus having anti-aging benefits at the same time. Olive oil offers powerful, yet gentle exfoliation that won’t harm your skin. So, how to do it? Combine one tablespoon of olive oil with natural sea salt, mix thoroughly and rub the mixture onto your face in circular motions. It’s deep penetrating properties  coupled with mild abrasive qualities of sea salt will remove dead skin cells and make your skin revitalized, reenergized, and radiant.

Tighten neck skin

The truth is; we don’t pay too much attention to our neck skin which is a big mistake. The neck on our skin is gentle and requires as much as care as the face which is why you should always include neck and cleavage to your skincare routine. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants, and its anti-aging properties can help tightening your neck skin. For example, you can use olive oil to massage it onto your face and neck as a replacement for moisturizer. Besides olive oil, you can address neck skin problems with high-quality products made of natural ingredients. Always make sure you buy highly effective products made by reputable companies.

Makeup remover

The majority of women admit they go to bed without removing their makeup. That’s, by far, one of the worst mistakes you can make. Why? It’s because makeup can clog your pores, cause acne breakouts, speed up aging process and cause a wide array of skin problems. While some women admit they simply “don’t feel like it” to remove makeup before bedtime, others explain they don’t want to use makeup removers due to questionable ingredients. Women with sensitive skin can also be prone to infections due to these ingredients. For that purpose, it’s an excellent “tool” for removing makeup. You probably think that oil can only lead to clogged pores, it’s oil after all, but that’s not the case. Olive oil grabs onto other oil-based products thus making it easy for you to remove your makeup including stubborn mascara. After that, you can proceed with your standard skin care routine that includes cleanser and moisturizer.


Besides a wide range of health benefits and unusual uses of olive oil, you can also use it on your facial skin to address various skin problems, enhance your beauty, and restore radiance. Due to antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-aging properties, olive oil is perfectly safe to use on your skin.

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