Coming up

Firstly, thanks to everybody for showing your interest in my brand. With the development of my new website I suddenly have a lot more options to keep my brand the way I first intended.

Coming up…

  • Competitions
  • Requesting feedback
  • Participate as much or as little as you like
  • Bringing out more information about the skin care industry
  • Tips, tricks, industry experts
  • Survey’s
  • Webinars hosted by me and much more…

I want my brand to be about you and to do it I need your help. In return I’m going to give everybody multiple opportunities to try my full products for free… without paying postage or anything! To give yourself the best chance I’m going to need your help.

SKN Complex is here to stay!

For all those who have been with me from the start you will know how slowly things have taken to get going. It hasn’t been a smooth ride, but in all honesty it rarely is.

In hind sight one of the main reasons it’s been taking so long to get going is because I spent all my money at the start developing, now two, very high end products which I can bring to you at a very reasonable price. The hard part is done.

But I have absolutely no regrets. My aim from the outset was to produce a quality brand with quality products without compromising on the ingredients or the level of ingredients found in my products. With all my experience working inside the skin care industry for several other brands, this was one area I was determined to get right.

And… true to form the quality is shining through and Australian women are starting to see the benefits for themselves.

Don’t Buy My Products Yet!

“…I’m going to be releasing more information about up and coming campaigns and competitions so you can try my products completely free, without paying postage or anything…”

The other key area I wanted to nail was to be completely transparent and open as a brand and as a business. This is why I don’t want you to buy my products just yet, if you wait there’s a good chance you can have them for free.

About Vicki Law

Vicki Law is the Founder of SKN Complex, a 100 per cent Australian owned and operated skin care company committed to taking the clinical complexity out of the science of beauty and to provide an exceptional, inspiring range of products to Australian women. You can connect with Vicki via Twitter, LinkedIn or Email View all posts by Vicki Law ➞