Decoding New York Fashion Week Vibes

New York Fashion Week

Proclaiming which of the Fashion Weeks has been the most experimental, bold and eclectic one is a difficult job. They’ve all stirred up pretty much the same amount of controversy, starting from Gucci’s show and ending up with some of the most abstract collections seen by rising stars in the London fashion scene. Still, we feel that designers who showcased in New York have offered plenty of food for thought, so let’s try to decipher the messages the authors were trying to send and see whether their inspiration melted into clothing items will be at least somewhat wearable by the ‘regular’ people.

Bring on the decadence

Street Style

You couldn’t escape the animal print even if you ran faster than the animal itself. Tom Ford’s line was overflowing with snake, zebra and leopard print in all garments and in a variety of colors, ranging from the traditional leopard print to red and lime green. There were jackets, leggings, suits – no garment has been spared. The surprising thing is, he wasn’t the only one resorting to the decadence of these bold prints. The fashionistas flocking to the shows were rocking the same prints, sometimes combining two in the same outfit, and Victoria Beckham and Michael Kors jumped on board as well. In a way, the look is very retro, in part reminiscent of both the ‘80s and the ‘90s, depending on the route each designer chose to take. With such prominent names being so drawn to these patterns, it’s safe to assume that the trend will be here for quite some time, so if you’re a huge fan, mix and match away, and if not, perhaps just embrace a coat and channel the Dynasty ‘old money’ vibes.

Room for subtlety

Romantic Look

A tad surprising, given that we’re looking at styles that are to be worn in the fall, but designers who are consistent in their pursuit of feminine and romantic looks have certainly delivered once again. Tory Burch, for instance, presented a predominantly white collection which includes everything from outlandishly romantic white dresses to puffer jackets in the same color, and she isn’t the only one with a soft spot for romance. Brock Collection delivered their own version of the delicate white dress, and it is to die for. The only way you won’t be able to welcome white and frilly into your life is if you don’t have a smidgen of romance in your heart, and let’s face it, even the most cynical of us still have a soft side. The only thing you’re missing is a pair of delicate women’s shoes or furry sandals to amplify and solidify your romantic look.

In the mood for some fire?

Fireman's Jacket

Perhaps it’s a statement about the importance of safety, but Calvin Klein surprised everyone with all types of firemen’s jackets including the one that integrated the reflective stripes into shearling. Oversized puffer jackets have been all the rage in the previous season, so perhaps introducing the fireman’s jackets is ‘taking things up a notch’. As seen on the models, the safest way to rock the trend, if you choose to take the plunge, is to keep the rest of the attire polished and borderline corporate; or, if you’re really feeling this look, put on your best tracksuit and take athleisure to a whole new level.

The best in show

Best in show

In our book, Marc Jacobs can do no wrong. The designer doesn’t cease to surprise us in the most positive ways. His collection of oversized (and then oversized some more) coats is giving us outerwear envy, and the choice of colors ranging from basic ones, such as red and yellow, to poignant emerald shows that you can be eclectic without compromising your polished sense of style. The best thing about these coats is that they can be worn by minimalists, maximalists, statement dressers and everyone in between, as they walk the fine line between abstract and completely approachable. Bonus: Leather pants are totally back in style, this time in the form of culottes, so let us take a minute and say “Thank you, Marc Jacobs”.

The powerful swan


Fashion Week Vibes

She may be stepping down as the creative director of her own brand, but she certainly did so with a bang. Nobody does evening class like Herrera and her signature white shirt tucked into a ball skirt is the embodiment of pure elegance. The look can be flaunted for any kind of evening social event – a Christmas party, Valentine’s Day – it’s a look so simple yet larger than life that you will turn heads for all the right reasons and own the room as soon as you walk into it.

Just because it’s a fall collection doesn’t mean you should let go of the colors and color-blocking for that matter. That is the final lesson we’ve learned from Herrera, so whether you choose to create your own color-block outfits with contrasting separates, or go with garments which already did all the work for you, let your colors show and wear them proudly this following fall, and bring some life to spite the dark skies.

Claire Hastings

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