Distrust in the health and beauty industry

I thought I’d write this article because it is very close to my heart.

As well as learning new and positive skills in the health and beauty industry I also think it has been just as beneficial learning what not to do.

Distrust is one of the major problems facing new start up companies like mine who need to start by launching products direct to the consumer with no retail store backing.

It’s the same old story. The minority spoiling it for everybody else. What I mean is, the consumer, both you and I have developed a mistrust in the health, beauty and weight loss industries for good reason…

…Because we are bombarded with very aggressive marketing techniques that promise the world but actually mean we are left with empty pockets and not much more! We’re promised miracle products that have huge benefits at at low cost. Only to find we have been physiologically scammed! Sometimes blatantly.  So we have paid through the teeth for products that don’t work.

This really annoys me because honest companies need to work much harder to to get their message across.

Let me give you a really good example I came across recently.


I almost fell off my chair with laughter when I saw this! Trust me they are ads just like this aimed at women as well.

I checked out the products and guess what they were!? It was actually two separate products, a weight loss pill and a colon cleanse pill. To get ripped there is no short cut from the gym unfortunately. But by placing the words RIPPED in between speech marks they are hoping “RIPPED” can mean anything they choose.

It’s quite fitting they use the words ‘SCAM REVEALED!’ They have got to be poking fun at themselves.

If Jason was aware of this ad he would start legal proceeding for sure.

Dishonesty in marketing starts from the top because it’s the people in charge who control the personality of the brand

So how do you navigate between dishonest and honest marketing?

That’s actually very easy once you have bought the product, you can rate companies on their customer service and willingness to accept returns.

It becomes more difficult when you are relying on the marketing and the ads themselves.

One way is to contact the company direct. If they don’t have a way of contacting them direct you know you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Stay tuned because I will write more about this topic as time goes on.

About Vicki Law

Vicki Law is the Founder of SKN Complex, a 100 per cent Australian owned and operated skin care company committed to taking the clinical complexity out of the science of beauty and to provide an exceptional, inspiring range of products to Australian women. You can connect with Vicki via Twitter, LinkedIn or Email View all posts by Vicki Law ➞

kaz - August 29, 2010

Hi Vicki,

I have to admit that I won’t look at a product without an SPF 30 factor. Preferably broad spectrum. What’s the point of buying anti-aging cream if you don’t also look after your skin.


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Juanita Thorn - December 17, 2010

This is so true. I ignore those ads when they come on TV. If you have to push a product down peoples throats like that, then it’s pretty obvious it’s not going to be all it’s cracked up to be. I came across a brand about 8 months age, a skincare/makeup brand. It was only through a great offer that I decided to give it a try. I hade never seen or heard of it before this day. Now I’m completely won over. They actually have beautiful products that come as close to doing as they say as I’ve ever seen. If you have a great product, nothing will stop it. Word of mouth is huge and when it starts spreading, watch out!!!

Di - December 17, 2010

AS I said in another post I have been involved in the beauty and health industry for along time in many levels..everything from sales..to state manager…wholesale account manager..cosmetic chemistry..i.e. the actually making of the products..etc and you are 100% absolutely right…..it is time that the scams were put to rest and let the people like yourself make and sell their products…if you ever want any help or to pick my brain..feel free to email me direct….would luv to talk with you.

Take Care..Keep smiling

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