Do You Find it Difficult Buying Xmas Gifts?

Running until Christmas I’m going to be searching the web for some great Christmas ideas to help inspire you and make this time of year just that little bit easier.

Every year Christmas seems to come around that little bit quicker and every year I say to myself “next year I’ll be organised and have all my Xmas presents bought by November”.

I know some super organised people who buy their presents in January nearly 12 months early. Do you know anybody like that?

It just goes to show how big the problem is. Those who do buy 12 months early are the smart ones!

So it’s now 19 days till Christmas and still not one single present purchased. I wondered how many other busy women (and men) are in the same boat.

Often the hardest part is just getting time to work out what to buy and go and buy it.
So I figured it’s a two-step process; Thinking and doing. The doing part is really easy if you’ve done the thinking part first and that’s the part I’m going to help with by doing a lot of the thinking and researching and sharing my gift ideas.

First I thought…..there must be someone out there that I can give a list to and they source the best buys and do the purchasing for me. That would be a great gift to myself so I started Googling personal shoppers and up pops

and a few others. Woo hoo!

Then came the sinking feeling, as I realised that I couldn’t afford a personal shopper. Looks like I’m going to have to do it all myself.

So as I’m trawling through the internet and shops finding suitable presents that show that I have given sufficient thought to what I was purchasing for my loved ones, I’m going share them with you and definitely…

…”Next year I’ll be organised and have all my Christmas shopping done by November LOL!”

Anyway enough of me ranting here’s my first gift idea:

I’ve had lots of fun just on their website creating different artwork. Its simple choose a word that has special meaning to you or represents the person you are buying for, select the letters from the extensive photo-gallery and create unique photographic word art, stylishly mounted and presented in the frame of your choice. Anyone would love this gift, especially that creative person in the family.

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MRS CHERYL WOODHOUSE - December 13, 2012

I don’t find it hard to purchase Christmas gifts, and actually I purchased a lot of presents more then six months ago. Being on this page I have been trying to see what gifts you offer to sell….but I have had no success. I did click on heaps but I have not seen anything for gifts. I also have a big problem reading what you have written because I have lost my sense of memory from major surgery on my brain in December 2010. It’s amazing to me that I cannot understand words, there are heaps and heaps that look entirely unknown and they have no meaning to me at all. No doubt it would be acceptable if you can email me what you offer. A BIG THANK YOU if you can.

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