Top 7 Nourishing And Easy To Use Homemade Eye Makeup Removers

Applying make up to the eyes is time-consuming and requires the most thorough care of all the make-up stages, but it is much more difficult to remove eye makeup than the rest of the face. The eyes are always full of the thick make-up layers such as eye shadow, mascara or eyeliner and many women struggle in removing all that eye makeup especially if it's waterproof. As a result, the skin around the eyes can become dry, darker orand subject to wrinkles.

Removing  caked on makeup around the eyes is necessary and of course, you can use makeup-removing products bought in any cosmetic store for convenience, but it's worth considering making your eye makeup remover.  It will be safer due to less chemicals being use and and in most cases more nourishing to the skin around your eyes too.  Today’s article will introduce you to some simple recipes for homemade eye makeup removers.

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1. Eye Makeup Remover With Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, And Lavender Oil

From ancient times, coconut oil has been used to beautify the skin well before its effects on health are known. Coconut oil is well-known as a moisturiser suitable for all skin types, particularly dry skin. The most wonderful feature of coconut oil is that it has no side-effects, so you do not have to worry about it like other moisturisers on the market. In addition to preventing aging,  skin-related diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and other infections on the skin; coconut oil is an effective makeup remover, including the removal of mascara that is not hydrophilic.

Similar to coconut oil, vitamin E is useful for getting rid of makeup layers as well.  It help to moisturise and clean the skin, but it is also extremely antibacterial. Meanwhile, lavender essential oil is calming, which helps you relax. Therefore, taking advantage of these ingredients to make eye makeup removers is a great idea for both cleaning, nourishing and soothing the eye skin.

What you will need:

• 100ml of coconut oil

• 6 vitamin E capsules or olive oil, jojoba oil

• 6 - 7 drops of lavender essential oil

• A small glass vial with a lid

• A funnel


Put the coconut oil in the bowl, place it in the microwave, then heat the oil for about 15 seconds. After heating the coconut oil, pour the oil into the vial using a funnel. Use scissors cut 6 capsules of vitamin E and pour into the vial of coconut oil.  If you are out of Vitamin E capsules substitute it with olive oil or jojoba oil at the same dosage. Finally, add 6 - 7 drops of lavender essential oil to the vial, shake well and use immediately.

Remember to store the remover in the cool place, avoid sunlight

2. Eye Makeup Remover From Baby Shower Gel
What you will need:

• A baby shower gel that does not cause eye irritation

• Shampoo that has a mild scent

• Purified water

• Empty containers (a sprayer) to hold the mixture


Boil 1 cup of pure water, and then let it cool down. Use pure mineral water where possible as it will be used to clean the eyes and it reduces the risk of infection or damage to the eyes.

Next, pour some baby shampoo (about 2 teaspoons) into the empty bottle. You should choose a sprayer as it will be more convenient to mix and use later. Take a small amount of baby shower gel and add into the sprayer, gently shake the shower gel and shampoo together.

At this point, add the boiled water to the mixture and shake gently. Water ratio is 2 times the amount of mixture you mix.  

The makeup remover is finished. The mixture is very mild and very good for removing eye makeup.

Tip: Add Olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil to the mixture (about half a teaspoon) as an added eye care measure to help moisturize the eyelids.

Products made from baby cosmetics are very safe for the skin.  Baby shampoo and baby shower gel not only remove the mascara but also help to smooth it. Your eyes are completely free from burning or unpleasant sensations that come with many commercial makeup removers.

3. Olive Oil

Olive oil is regarded as an effective, safe makeup remover for facial skin, especially for eye skin, which results from its ability to clean away eye-shadow, eyeliner and mascara. Olive oil also contains a great number of nutrients that can nourish the skin and prevent skin infections very well. It's a wonder, why we don’t take advantage of this fabulous oil more to remove eye makeup easily and fast?

All you need is just olive oil and makeup remover pads! Simply apply olive oil on two makeup remover pads and gently apply them to eyes, leave them for 2-3 minutes then wipe away and rinse the face.

4. Yogurt, Honey, And Lemon

Another homemade recipe for eye makeup removers also comes from familiar ingredients. With this recipe, you need to prepare yogurt, honey, and lemon. You may not know that, yogurt is an important ingredient for cleansing and brightening the skin. This is because yogurt contains a lot of lactic acid and enzymes that can help to remove the dead skin cells and deep cleanses inside the pores, making the skin brighter. It also provides the skin with many nutrients necessary to the whiten and smooth skin.

Meanwhile, much has already been said about the wonderful moisturising effect of honey. Honey soothes irritations and provides moisture to dry skin.  It is an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and ideal for preventing and reducing acne.

As for the humble lemon, it contains light acids to effectively cleanse the skin.

The combination of these three ingredients and you have yourself a very inexpensive makeup remover compared to those available commercially. You just have to spend a little time to make it using the following method.


Mix ½ yogurt jar with 1 one teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.  Add a small amount of coconut oil into the mixture to remove mascara more effectively. Dip makeup remover pads into the mixture then use them to wipe away the makeup.  Rinse off with clean water. You can use the mixture to remove makeup from face too. Make enough for 2-3 days of use then make a new one

5. Eye Makeup Remover With Milk

Not only is milk a nutritious and healthy drink, but it is also great for nourishing and cleansing skin. The reason for this is the lactic acid in milk that has the ability to remove dead skin cells and cleanse deep in the pores. The skin will become clearer and fresher. Fresh milk also contains various minerals required to moisturise the skin so the skin feels smoother after removing makeup unlike other common makeup removers. Milk is also very mild so is gentle on the delicate skin around the eyes.

Tip:    For added effectiveness, add lemon juice and several drops of olive oil into the fresh milk. The mixture will be perfect for getting rid of all caked-on makeup around the eyes and nourishes the skin as well.

6. Cucumber For Eye Makeup Remover

Cucumber is not just for sandwiches, it has many benefits for the skin. It has the ability to remove eye circles, fade freckles and restore sun-damaged skin.  The natural substances in cucumber will help remove dirt on the skin and remove makeup very effectively. Since cucumber is really mild, it is very safe to use for removing makeup around the eyes. Not only that, cucumber also helps to relax the eyes. Hence, if you are looking for a good natural eye makeup remover, do not ignore cucumber.

To use cucumber as a makeup remover, just grind 1 cucumber with 125ml fresh milk.  Let the mixture for 10 minutes then use cotton pads to absorb and wipe the skin around the eyes.  Finally, wash with clean water.  Refrigerator after making and only use within 7 days.

7. Eye Makeup Remover With Green Tea

Green tea has long been scientifically proven to be one of the best natural ingredients for human health.  Nutrition in green tea not only prevents many dangerous diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer but it is also "miracle" skin care. Green tea protects and restores damaged skin caused by the effects of UV rays. With powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, green tea is also considered as an effective acne medication.

But its also makes an excellent make up remover and if used every day will help the skin appear fresh and smooth. Many commercial cleansers, lotions and make up removers use green tea, however you can make it yourself using natural ingredients by following these steps.

Soak a green tea bag in a glass of hot water. Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of honey to the tea and mix well.  Add a few drops of vitamin E and ½ tablespoon of baking soda and mix well again.  Pour the mixture into a glass jar and store in fridge. To use apply a small amount of the liquid onto cotton pads then use it to wipe gently around the eyes to remove makeup and dirt.

The above are 7 nourishing and to make and use homemade eye makeup remover recipes that will not only remove even the most difficult and thick layers of make up but will also nourish and sooth the skin around your eyes and prevent wrinkles.

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