Cosmetic Surgery – How Extreme Is Too Extreme

Today’s beauty standards and changing trends make all of us do unimaginable things. For women, that usually involves going under the knife. Some women start small with procedures such as tummy tuck after pregnancy or a minor face lift to hide their wrinkles. However, there are women who take things too far and even become addicted to cosmetic surgery. They go to unimaginable extremities and just don’t know what is too extreme. So, why do we do this?

The key is in self-confidence and our endless pursuit of beauty. Unfortunately, this pursuit takes women too far. After the first face lift or a tummy tuck, they start realizing there are more things to be fixed on their bodies. Thus, they engage in various procedures such as neck lifts, breast lifts or augmentation, injections of various chemicals in their faces, numerous nose jobs etc. and none of these procedures are naïve. They all leave scars and can lead to serious complications, especially if they are not done by licensed professionals. There are also women who even hide from their spouses and family the fact that they have done some work on themselves. That is because women don’t do this for their husbands, but to satisfy their own needs. A husband will always tell his wife that he loves her just the way she is, but to some women that is not enough. Not because they don’t feel loved, but because they are not satisfied with their looks and always need something more to make them more confident and closer to perfection.

On the other hand, there are women who would never go under the knife. They might be unsatisfied with how they look, but they can never make a decision of undergoing a procedure. Some of them might be afraid of what could happen during and after the surgery. There are the dangers of not waking up after anesthesia, there is a possibility of the doctor not being skillful and they even fear the results and what other people might think of them. Also, there are women who just don’t have the money for various surgeries, or are completely satisfied with their physical appearance. Additionally, there are people who actually hate cosmetic surgery, and that is why they never decide to do it. They believe it is gross, dangerous and quite shallow to only seek beauty and perfection in the world.

Whatever the reasons for going or not going under the knife, you have to know that no knives should be involved at all. Both for women who are afraid of complications and for those who just love fixing up their bodies, there are various procedures that are far less invasive than surgery. If you are striving for a younger look, you don’t have to cut the pieces of your skin off and tighten it up – you can simply opt for quality anti-aging beauty products, such as the SKN Complex skincare collection and build your own way towards a younger look. Other options are non-invasive laser procedures which can remove all the imperfections or simple injectable dermal fillers for a fresh young glow. However, the least invasive actions are the lifestyle changes and good old exercising.

If you believe you could use a little boost for your confidence, examine your motivation first before jumping on the operation table. You might have suffered some severe injury or you just need a small help from professionals to restore your beauty. However, if you need your confidence back, think about less invasive solutions first. Don’t get addicted and don’t take things too far; not because people might think badly of you, but because you need to preserve your health.

Elise Morgan

Elise is fitness girl from Colorado. She is health and fitness fanatic who adores hiking, long bicycle rides, paragliding and all sorts of extreme sports, after all she did spend hundreds of hours in the air. She loves writing about health, beauty, adventure and experiences. You can connect with Elise via Facebook,Twitter

Chantal - October 19, 2016

I also wonder, particularly in the US, does it become a status symbol? Plastic surgery seems to be very obvious, so I wonder if that’s why some people end up going to extremes? Thank you for this thought-provoking article!

    About Vicki Law - October 20, 2016

    That’s an interesting thought. Thank you

Sandra - October 19, 2016

I love that quote from Susan Sarandon. The infographic above is interesting, too. I’ll never say never, but I don’t think I’ll go under the knife. I know that when I look after what goes into my body and I take care to regularly exercise I FEEL so much better, which helps my mindset to think I LOOK better, too.

    About Vicki Law - October 20, 2016

    Yes she is one lady that has aged gracefully in an industry where looks seem to be everything.

Dee - October 19, 2016

Hmm. Have often thought of having some botox for some forehead wrinkles but I know it doesnt last. I’m a huge frowner and have been for years! When I was younger I wanted a boob job but I didnt think it was worth the risk of looking worse!

    About Vicki Law - October 20, 2016

    I remember wanting big boobs when I was young too.

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