How to Look Confident and Beautiful Fast: Tips for Busy Moms

Having kids may be fun, but it’s not always rainbows and butterflies when it comes to finding some spare time to pamper yourself. Just because you’re a new mom now, it doesn’t mean you have lost all the rights to put yourself first from time to time. Here are some tips on how you can become a stylish hot mom while facing all the challenges that parenthood brings.

Think casual

We can all agree with the fact that basic stuff like denim jeans and plain black or white tees will never go out of style. Therefore, owning a pair of slim, dark denim jeans would be an ideal addition to your wardrobe, regardless of the season. Also, a cosy cardigan or a kimono perfectly hides your postpartum, so you won’t have to worry about who’s giving you ‘the look’ while you’re out and about. Get yourself a stylish quality coat in beige or black. Coats are great for hiding those little extra pounds, and it will only boost your confidence.

Buy a bag and get over it

You know you don’t have to wear those ridiculous cartoon diaper bags anymore? It’s 2018, so leave your emotional baggage at home, and purchase a chic nappy bag that has enough room for the baby’s stuff and your own. Stay organized with a perfect leather bag or even a backpack, and make sure it matches your shoes. Who said moms can’t follow the latest trends?

Freshen up your face with natural makeup

Make an appointment with a facialist first, because the impeccable skin is more important than makeup. Nevertheless, dewy and radiant makeup is the perfect choice for any occasion, and it will only emphasise you’re natural mommy glow. It takes less than 10 minutes to feel good about yourself, so you better follow the next steps.

Cover your dark under eye circles with a concealer, and you won’t have to worry whether you look tired or not. Apply a mascara, since it makes your eyes pop. Give your face some life with a pink blush and a highlighter. Brush your eyebrows with a tinted gel and spice up the whole look with a lip-gloss or a satin lipstick.

Comfy shoes are everything

Torturing your feet with high heels during the day is a huge mistake, but a small heel won’t hurt anyone. Block heel boots are amazing because they offer a lot more support than flats. Plus, they are versatile and comfy, which is basically all you need as a new mom on the go. Over the knees are lit every season, so you must own a pair, or two. Plus, you won’t have to bother to shave your legs that often. What’s more, a sweater dress matched with these boots is already a complete outfit, so think wise and in advance, moms!

Messy hair is a no-no

Once you had a baby, even finding the time to breathe can be tough sometimes, but you mustn’t permit yourself to look like a total mess. Book your hairstylist once a week and keep your locks fresh. Also, there are tons of refreshing hair masks you could use to rejuvenate your hair while the baby is sleeping. But, if you’re really having a bad hair day, you can always put on a beret or a captain hat to disguise your messy hair, while looking freaky stylish.

Nail the mom game!

Have your husband watch the kids while you’re getting your mani and pedi done. Meet your girls afterwards, and spend the evening sipping coffees.

There’s nothing wrong to make yourself a priority once in a while, and enjoy all the good things as you did before. I’m pretty sure your child won’t be lacking anything once you decide to regain your old body and looks.

Claire Hastings

Claire Hastings is wanderer, designer and writer from Brisbane, Australia. She has been writing as long as she remembers, and she is an eternal fashion and beauty enthusiast. You can connect with Claire via Twitter,FaceBook