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Glycerin — the water attracter

Glycerin is a sweet smelling organic compound, thick and viscous. It’s found naturally in the skin and is present in all natural fats (animal and vegetable).  Composed of mainly carbon, oxygen and hydrogen it is not toxic and water-soluble. Glycerin is a skin-friendly humectant, which is said to attract water to the skin, making it great for dry skin care. It is gentle and helps improve, protect and hydrate dry skin and is also believed to help in building an even skin structure.

While Glycerin is often used as a treatment for dry skin problems like psoriasis and eczema, its uses also extend to oily and acne prone skin. By filling up the inter-cellular matrix it helps to build an even skin structure, holding just the right amount of moisture required to hydrate oily skin without that greasy feeling and helps to reduce bacterial skin infections.  It ability to retain moisture keeps your skin looking youthful by maintaining the skin elasticity, reducing the appearance of  fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s important to note that glycerin should always be combined with other ingredients and never applied in its pure form (100% concentration) to the skin as it has the opposite affect. Instead of attracting water, it dries the skin and may cause blisters if left too long.  It can be combined with emollients or oils to form moisturisers and used in anti-aging creams blended with dimethicone to increase epidermal thickness, restore normal barrier functions and decreases melanin intensity(source). This combination can be found in Revive Restore & Extend DNA Youth Span .  Glycerin combined rosewater is another excellent combination, used in a toner as it smooths the skin surface by drawing water to the surface and retaining moisture. This combination can be found in SKN Complex’s Tone Balance & Refresh TONER.

TIP: Be sure to use your Toner as a spritz every time you wash your face or when you feel your skin is dry.  It will keep your  your skin moist and hydrated.



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