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The times of watching The Holiday, Love, Actually, binge-watching your favourite Christmas show and binge-eating on your favourite Christmas foods is over – in short – the indulgence period is over. Now that all the party dresses are back in the closet or waiting for you at the dry cleaner’s, it’s time to clean and clear your precious face and give it back the glow that the parties and the fatty food along with heavy foundations and tons of glitter have taken from it, so let’s go.

The easy part

Sleep the easy part

This first step will probably be the easiest one to take and it’s called ‘beauty sleep’. Some may think that this is an urban myth, but medical professionals beg to differ. According to them, a good 7-9 hours of quality snooze time is the closest thing to the’ fountain of youth’. Not only will catching up on your sleep allow the body to rest and rejuvenate, but it does wonders for the skin as well. All those sleepless nights spend either partying, eating or both take a toll on the skin and sleep is the first (and most pleasant) step towards getting it in spick and span shape.

Do it like a French girl

ice cubes reduce puffiness

One of the many side-effects of alcohol consummation is a swollen face followed by flushed cheeks. This is all due to the fact that alcohol dilates the blood vessels. This, however, can be fixed with a simple trick that we’ve learned from French girls. They frequently resort to ice cubes to reduce swelling and puffiness, particularly around the cheek and eye area, and if you have a cold compress that’s even better because you can treat the entire surface of the face at once. This is a good place to start but we still have a long way to go.

Dealing with the consequences

sleeping in makeup

Night after night in full makeup can cause the pores to clog, which in turn irritates the skin and causes major breakouts. If this rings a bell as you look in the mirror, it’s time to reach for products that will solve the issue. There are amazing products that target different skin issues, including skin pigmentation and acne, that you can find at great online retailers like My Skin Solutions. You can even arrange an online consult that will help you find the right products, so you can deal with all issues efficiently and without guessing.

Bring out the big guns

super-hydrating masks

Desperate skin times call for plenty of moisture, so it’s absolutely vital you resort to every single skincare tool that will help bring the moisture and natural glow and radiance to your face. First in line are clay masks that are incredibly powerful when it comes to ‘dragging out’ all the impurities and toxins that have built up on your face. Next in line are powerful yet gentle face scrubs to get rid of all the dead cells. This, of course, is to be followed by a number of super-hydrating sheet masks. Sheet masks are all the rave now, and for a good reason, because along with a great moisturiser, there is nothing that restores freshness and plumpness to your face like these masks. Then comes the mighty moisturiser whose job is to ‘seal the deal’ and lock everything in moisture. Speaking of hydration, don’t forget to drink at least eight glasses of water, and if you have the time, go swimming as frequently as you can.

Get your diet affairs in order

gut and skin

We’ve always heard stories from nutritionists to homeopaths that there is a strong connection between the gut and the skin. Now, we are certain that this is true, and that the ‘you are what you eat’ saying is in fact true. Therefore, it’s time to say goodbye to holiday food leftovers and turn to foods loaded with vitamins, minerals and the ever-beneficial antioxidants that are all here in service of both health and beauty. To be sure you’re getting all the right ingredients, turn to the amazing super-foods, a group that has certainly earned the ‘super’ title. Foods loaded with natural probiotics should also find their way into your fridge and your body, as probiotics have been noted as one of the most powerful tools for glowing skin. Avoid makeup as much as you can until you get your glow back, and enjoy the pampering process.

Mia Taylor

Mia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for High Style LifeShe loves writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on a lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips. You can connect with Mia via Facebook,Twitter