Learn How to Turn the Recent 6% Health Insurance Price Increase into a Huge Saving

The current 6% health insurance increase is yet another reminder about how your cost of living is going up and up but this time with the current health Insurance climate and hundreds of comparison sites you can actually save money, just like I did.

I feel strongly about this because first of all I’m not getting any younger and second I’ve been paying literally thousands of dollars a year more than I should have been. I felt obligated to write this article and let you know how to save money despite the increase.

The fact is most of us since the dawn of health insurance time have being paying way too much for our policies because we get pigeon holed into very generalized categories and we’re paying for cover we don’t need.

The good news is times are changing and the rise of comparison websites like my favorite Health Insurance Comparison is truly amazing.

These comparison sites are revving up the competition with insurance policies by changing how health insurance companies market their polices.

A great example of this was when I recently changed my own health insurance and was amazed at the drop, over $100 a month with pretty much the same policy.

I did my comparison here http://healthinsurancecomparison.com.au

The reason I chose Health Insurance Comparison is because I’ve heard so many positive things about them from friends and family and I’m so glad I listened. The great thing is you can too!

This is nothing new, comparison sites have been around for years. The difference now is the very significant 6% policy increase in effect right now. Because of the increase some health insurance companies are going to be using this to drive their policy sales by reducing the cost of new policies and NOT increasing them by an average of 6%.

This is a double edged sword because not only will some be reducing the cost of policies but some will dramatically increase way over the 6% – This is crazy. How on earth do you find out?

Of all the comparison websites out there I can only suggest one because of my own personal experience with great results.

Check this out and just follow the instructions just like I did. Don’t worry this process does not commit you to anything and you certainly don’t pay any money.

Click now and save heaps http://healthinsurancecomparison.com.au

Do make sure you do a free comparison because you could be saving a small fortune and let me tell you, it feels great to save money when you should have been paying more 🙂

Have fun always, Vicki

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Julie - May 15, 2014

Vicki, I just tried them out and happy to report I also have a new health cover provider offering much better value for money. Thanks for the recommendation!


    About Vicki Law - May 24, 2014

    Hi Julie

    I’m so happy I could help.
    It’s one of those things that we just don’t think about but with costs continuing to go up we need to make sure we are getting value for money and not just accepting what our health insurance company is charging us.


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