5 reasons to hire

5 Reasons you should hire a cleaner for your home

You may think a cleaning service is a luxury or an unnecessary expense but you may just be looking at it the wrong way.

What do you do when the sink overflows? You call a plumber! Or if you something needs fixing; you call a handyman. We don’t have an issue seeking help then so why do we when we need help cleaning our home? Doesn’t it make sense that when you are time poor, stressed or feeling overwhelmed that you call someone to assist? It could save you time, money and stress. Here are 5 excellent reasons why you consider hiring a cleaning service.

Free up your limited time

Professional cleaning service

Working fulltime and commuting each day can drain your energy and reduces the amount of time you have to enjoy other activities. You may not need someone each day but a regular once a week, fortnightly or even monthly clean by a profession cleaner will give you more time to be with the ones you love or do the things you enjoy, or you need to get done.

Get a more thorough clean

A professional cleaner will do a better job at cleaning then you, it’s true! There are always cleaning jobs that you just don’t like doing so put off and others you probably only do once in a blue moon. A professional cleaning company like Greenclean uses a 24 Step Green Cleaning System to make sure everything from the fingerprint spots from walls and light switches to the kitchen sink is cleaned at each and every visit.

A new appreciation of your home

There is no better feeling than walking through your front door into a beautiful clean space and knowing that you don’t have to contend with that never-ending list of chores. All you need to do is kick off your shoes, but your feet up and enjoy your space and the people in it.

Save on cleaning products

Many cleaning professionals will bring their own cleaning products and equipment. This saves you money and the hassle of buying and stocking all the different cleaning products needed to clean an entire home.

Time to Go Green

Calling in the professionals gives you the opportunity to trial a “green clean“. How many products do you have under your kitchen sink that are potentially toxic and which could be affecting the health of you and your family through the residue that they leave? A green clean is where your home is cleaned top to bottom using non-toxic cleaning products that are not only good for you but for the environment.

Now that we have determined why you should hire a professional cleaner, then look no further! Greenclean is Australia’s first and leading green cleaning company with over 14 years experience cleaning homes throughout the Sydney Metro area. Using only premium organic non-toxic environmentally friendly cleaning products and equipment you will notice the green clean difference the moment you walk through your front door. Say goodbye to the harsh chemical smell and say hello to your to refreshed, clean and healthier home!

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