Tips to boosting your self-esteem

We often tend to look the way we feel, which is sometimes OK. However, if you’ve been feeling down for some time and your self-esteem is suffering, perhaps you need to turn it around by dressing nicely, fixing your hair and putting some makeup on. Deion Sanders said it himself: looking good makes you feel good. Therefore, we should try to look attractive regardless of how we feel at that moment. Carefully put-together outfits will often work as an instant confidence boost. With a help of a few tricks on those mornings when you’re feeling a bit under the weather, you can turn it all around, so let’s see some of the things you can do to instantly turn that frown upside down.

Clean and soft

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One of the first things you should do is take a hot shower, wash your hair and shave. Do everything that counts as a full treatment – body milk, creams, lotions etc. As soon as you pamper yourself a bit, you’ll feel much better. You can even go a step further and visit a spa or a cosmetic salon for a skin treatment. Your nails belong to this category as well, so make sure you cut, shape and nurture your nails.

Body Work

Beauty Choice

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To increase your self-esteem, having a perfectly shaped body is also important. Many women find it hard to go back to their pre-pregnancy body figure after they give birth. It’s often not about losing weight, but trying to get your body to look the way it did before the pregnancy. Many women don’t even try, but why not? If it makes you happy, you should explore all the options out there that can help you get the looks you want. There are qualified plastic surgeons that offer the so-called mummy makeover, which includes a tummy tuck and breast adjustments, and sometimes even liposuction.

Physical Activity

Physical Activity

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Going for a run can make you feel great, as well as any other activity like going to the gym, riding a bike or playing a sport. Do whatever suits you best. Even if you don’t enjoy it during the process, after you are done and you’ve taken a shower, it will undoubtedly feel amazing. You don’t even need a fixed schedule, do it whenever you feel like it!

Dress Nicely

dress nicely

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Don’t take this the wrong way, you can be nicely dressed in jeans and a T-shirt if it’s something you feel pretty in. This usually doesn’t mean that you should put on your best dress and hit the town as we are talking about everyday life and you need to be dressed accordingly and feel comfy for your daily obligations. Nevertheless, you can look great in casual or business clothes. Wear something that looks good on you and fits your figure seamlessly. Wear your favourite shirt or pants and try to harmonise colours and styles.

Claire Hastings

Claire Hastings is wanderer, designer and writer from Brisbane, Australia. She has been writing as long as she remembers, and she is an eternal fashion and beauty enthusiast. You can connect with Claire via Twitter,FaceBook