Improving Your Skin With Exercise, Nutrition And Much More

Even the birds in the trees know that working out is great for your entire body. Your heart is loving it, your lungs are enjoying it, your muscles are mad about it and your fat cells despise it. But what about your skin? Have you ever wondered what happens to your skin when you work out? We are now opening your eyes for another exercise benefit, so keep reading.

How to have great skin in the first place.

If you weren’t born under the lucky star of dermatology, with a perfect-non-greasy-acne free-face, you need to take very good care of your skin. It’s not just on the outside that counts, it is the inside as well. In other words, you need to make sure your organism is healthy.

Apart from working out, there are other things you need to do as well. You see, the organ which is in charge of neutralizing toxins is the liver – and we all know what a liver doesn’t like. That’s right – alcohol. Don’t get me wrong, one glass of wine a day is perfectly fine, but getting wasted every weekend is not something athletes or people who want nice skin, do.

Another thing you should avoid is candy. Yes, yes, how can something so delicious and wonderful be so bad for me? Well, some things you will just have to let go of. Make sure you have enough sleep and reduce your stress level to a minimum. Also, you need to keep your skin clean all the time. Whenever you remember, go to the bathroom and wash your face. You can always turn to SKN Complex products if you are in the market for quality skincare.

Instantly smoother skin

You see, when you are sweating, you are actually ejecting a ton of dirt and oil that you have on your skin because your pores are expanding. It is almost like you’ve had a facial. Also, while exercising, more blood, which carries nutrients that can improve your skin quality and fix all kinds of damages, reaches the surface of your skin and it instantly becomes shinier and smoother.

Working out is like you’ve had a facial.

Skin problems

If you have problematic skin that is always irritated and full of pimples and blackheads, you need to take extra care of it, especially while you are working out, so let’s focus on that. First, try not to touch your face, or any part of your skin if possible, while exercising, because as we have said, your pores are expanded and it is equally easy for bacteria to get inside as it is for them to get outside the skin. Gym machines are full of bacteria and it is important to wash your hands immediately after your workout. Second, if you have pimples on your forehead, please do not in any circumstances put a bandanna over it. Third, don’t you dare wear foundation to the gym. It doesn’t matter how embarrassed by your skin you are, you will look awful when all that makeup starts dripping from your face like somebody has spilled chocolate milk over it. In the end, of course, you should always wash your face after a workout.


Not every material is for everyone. Some people love cotton, others hate it. Some people enjoy wearing synthetics, others get a rash from it.Gym Clothes

It is important to know what suits you best. Choosing the right piece of fitness clothes can be hard so here are some tips:

1. Make sure that the material draws the sweat away from your body and moves it to the outer surface (such as polyester).

2. If you just want to be comfortable, wear a cotton t-shirt, but be aware that the cotton traps sweat and you will end up with your shirt “glued” to your body
As you may have concluded, exercising will do wonders not only for your waistline but for your complexion as well. So get off that couch and go for a walk, at least. Your mirror image will thank you for it.

Samantha Olivier

Samantha has a B.Sc. in nutrition and has spent two years working as a personal trainer. Since then, she has embarked on a mission to conquer the blogosphere. When not in the gym or on the track, you can find her on Twitter, or in a tea shop. She blogs over at You can connect with Samantha via Twitter, or Ripped.Me

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