Laser Hair Removal Treatment- Why it is worth a Consideration

What would it be like for you to step out of your house to the office, or hit the beach this summer, without a care for your unwanted facial and body hair?  It would give you a sense of freedom and confidence to face the world.

Regular shaving and tweezing of hair at specific areas of the body such as the Brazilian area, underarms, and legs is quite a tedious and an exasperating job, and not to mention painful too.  If you want to get rid of your unwanted hair once for all, then laser hair removal treatment may be an option worth considering:

Lase Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatment

Laser hair removal treatment is becoming popular day by day; as people have started realising the benefits of this technique, in comparison to other under the knife cosmetic treatments. The best part of this cosmetic procedure is that is suitable for everyone, and it is known to leverage same results in people with different skin and hair tones.

The origin of this method goes back to  the 1960’s when lasers were first investigated for removing hair. However, the treatments at that time were mostly experimental, time-consuming, and somewhat ineffective.  Over the years the advancement of science made inroads in the vertical of non-surgical cosmetic treatment, and this practice reached new heights of sensation in the late 1990's.

How does it work?

As the name implies, this cosmetic procedure uses energy from laser light to permanently get rid of unwanted hair.  The beam from a laser source is focused on a particular area of the body, the hair follicles soak up the energy, and heats up. This process demolishes the mechanism of hair growth forever.

Benefits of laser hair removal therapy:

​1. Quick Treatment

In the today's hustle and bustle, daily job of unfettering the body from unwanted hair is merely squandering of your valuable time. The laser hair removal method takes very little time to get the job done, and in fact,  each pulse of laser wave takes about a fraction of a second and disables a large number of follicles. Larger areas of the body such as legs may take about an hour, while small areas like upper lip may take less than a minute to give satisfactory results.

2. Success Rate

Unlike, other cosmetic procedures, the laser hair removal technique can precisely target a particular area of the body without having any influence on the skin surrounding that area.

The success rate of Laser Hair Removal Northern Virginia is quite high, and according to many global studies, approx 90% of people,  who undergo laser hair removal procedure are satisfied after their fifth sitting.​

3. Ingrown Hair-No-More

​Ingrown hairs on the body are caused when the hairs are razed off unevenly with a sharp tip, while shaving and waxing. But, with laser removal treatment there is no scope for ingrown hairs, because the area is not shaved, or waxed.

Even if the hair does grow back after a laser hair removal treatment, the hair tends to be sparser and finer. And, this change in hair texture will further reduce the possibility of having ingrown hairs.

​4. No Recovery Time

Laser hair removal therapy is a non-invasive procedure, so you can get back to your normal daily routine straight after the treatment.​

There are many negative rumours in the market related to the laser hair removal therapy, many of them are false, but some might be true. However, it is critical to seek out the most reputed and credible laser therapy centre to keep after treatment hassles to a minimum, and to get the results you are happy with.

Jennifer Perkins

Jennifer Perkins is an avid medical writer. She has majored in health fitness and nutrition. A certified nutritionist making people aware of health and nutrition through her articles since 2013. Here I tried to present my finding, hoping that it would be helpful for other health and fitness enthusiasts like me.