My Experience in The Skin Care Industry

My current experience really started about 10+ years ago where I was lucky enough to join what was agreeably one of Australia’s leading direct marketing companies in the health and beauty industry.

The energy in the place was electric! I remember when I first walked in the office I was blown away by the busy excitement but more so the sheer ambition oozing out from everyone. I came there as an experienced finance person and once proud owner of a B&B in Bermagui. But I’d soon discover I’d be doing much more than just finance!

Back then I had no idea what I was in for. This was no ordinary office environment, the bosses walked around more like film stars than serious business people, arrogant and badly behaved. The atmosphere was strange, sometimes very exciting but mostly it was filled with egos and false ambition. Two words spring to mind, money and greed.

The compulsive risk taking and aggressive marketing techniques employed by the owners gave rise to a company that was worth tens of millions of dollars, but at the cost of honesty and ethical business practice.

But saying that I did manage to make a name for myself and gain some very valuable experience. I gained vast amounts of experience in product launching and all facets of marketing.

When you work for a successful but dishonest company you can learn just as much from the bad experience as you can from the good. This is because you can learn how much better you could run things yourself. I’m sure you’ve had that experience to some degree.

It was with this that I came to the conclusion I wanted to start my own brand, but do things completely differently. With my own brand I can make sure I keep it honest, open and transparent while developing high end products and delivering true value to Australian women.

My ambitions centre more on providing good, honest value and one day living the quiet life in the country somewhere.

My aim is to fuse science with beauty and produce high end products that not only feel good and work, but at a cost that most people can afford.

I search the globe for the very latest in scientific innovation and have so far created two very effective skin care products designed for modern women who want to be all they can be. My Brand SKN Complex is a completely 100% Australian owned and all manufacturing is done in Australia because I believe very strongly in supporting Australian Jobs.

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