ways to enjoy the aging process

Ways To Enjoy The Aging Process

Make The Aging Process Enjoyable Aging is an inevitable part of our life as human beings. Just like all the living things here on Earth, we are all susceptible to change, especially our human body. As we get older, we can expect gradual changes in our body: wrinkles become more noticeable, grey hairs starts to […]

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1 Boost Your Mood

6 Ways to Use Technology to Boost Your Mood

The Power of Tech To Boost Your Mood The immediate nature of modern technology means the literal click of a button has the power either to ruin our day or make it. A clear example of this is the way technology impacts our moods. All it takes is one scroll through Facebook and we’re likely […]

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3 Elderly ladies making fun

You’re Getting Old, They Said

It was one of those days!You have those days as a blogger when you know you have to write something but you’re just not “feeling It”. This is one of those days. I scroll through the list of topics I have in my ideas vault and everything just felt like it would be a chore […]

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Best Organic Skin Care Tips

Best Organic Skin Care Tips 2017

Late last year, I was invited by Fix Your Skin owner Hannah George to take part in her Expert Round up.  After interviewing over 200 Skin Care Experts she compiled all their answers  to “What Would Be Your 3 Best Organic Skincare Tips For Healthy Skin?” into super resource time saving resource. The article is now published and the […]

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makeup organised

8 Cool Ideas for Keeping Your Makeup Organised

We never back out ourselves from a party where we need to look our best. So a week before, we start researching on what to wear, what make-up to use, and the accessories that best goes along with our attire.  As parties increase so does our makeup collection. Women with a sizeable makeup collection know that […]

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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup: A New Way to Have Pretty Face in Your 40’s.

Permanent makeup is useful in defining eyeliner, lips shapes and eyelids which are otherwise faded by ageing or some skin conditions. Learn here how this cosmetic technique makes you look amazing at any age. Your body undergoes several changes as it ages, especially in your 40’s. Some changes are acceptable while some are annoying.  You hesitate […]

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14 Dorian Gray

Is there a Dorian Gray Lurking in Everyone?

In a world that’s subliminally (or sometimes very directly) telling you that being beautiful means being worthy, it is kind of difficult to survive without developing a severe case of self-consciousness and self-doubt. Not that we’d ever fall under the spell of superficiality, but given that a lie told two times becomes the truth, how […]

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quotes for 2017

12 Motivational Quotes for 2017

It’s time to bid farewell to 2016 and welcome in the New Year with all it’s hopes and possibilities.  It’s a time when we draw a line in the sand of everything that has happened and set new goals which we strive to achieve for the next 365 days. As we start this new adventure, we sometimes need […]

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