Permanent Makeup: A New Way to Have Pretty Face in Your 40’s.

Permanent makeup is useful in defining eyeliner, lips shapes and eyelids which are otherwise faded by ageing or some skin conditions. Learn here how this cosmetic technique makes you look amazing at any age.

Your body undergoes several changes as it ages, especially in your 40's. Some changes are acceptable while some are annoying.  You hesitate to see the mirror with sparse brows, loss of lip colour and definition, and thinning lips. Therefore, you need to follow the makeup routine rigorously to hide those “ugly” age effects on your face.  Many women find expensive and painful surgeries as the last resort to maintain their facial features.

But, if you can’t afford those surgeries coming with pain, you can try permanent makeup. It's a great way to define your facial features, which are faded by ageing. It is good choice to enhance your natural beauty, and an optimal solution to minimise the hassle of doing daily makeup.  It  won’t come off or smudge after swimming, bathing or showering.

“Wake Up Every Morning With The Expertly Done Make Up”

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Yes, every woman wants to look awesome all time and every time.  They want to look and feel at their best from the very moment they woke up.  In that case, permanent makeup is the best solution for all-aged women.  

Lets deep dive into the topic, to have a closer look.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique to draw eyeliner, lips shapes and eyelids which are otherwise faded by ageing or some skin conditions.  In simple words, it resembles the look of just applied make-up products like lipstick, eyeliner, and eyebrow pencil.  It is identical to tattoo making process as it involves a needle work to spread pigmented granules under the top layers of the skin.  This is why it is also called cosmetic tattooing.

Which Facial Features are enhanced by Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is used to define the eyebrows, lips, lip colour and eyelids, which are the prominent facial features.  On the other hand, it hides the scars and white spots (like in vitiligo cases) on your face.

Permanent Makeup Treatment

Permanent Makeup for Your Eyebrows:

Eyebrows are the eminent and defining facial feature.  Your eyebrows tend to appear thin or disappear as you age, making your eyes look lost and affecting the contour of your face.  In permanent makeup, a professional creates hair strokes resembling hair to make the beautiful arched brow.

Permanent Makeup for Eyeliner:

Dark circles, eye bags and crow’s feet are the ugly signs of ageing eyes.  It makes your eyes lack definition and contour.  Therefore, it is essential to go for expertly applied eyeliner; however, it may be difficult for you to use it on a daily basis. In this scenario, permanent makeup for eyeliner can help you to keep your eyes accentuated and defined, the way you wanted them to be.  So, don’t let the ageing effect cost your beautiful eyes, instead opt for a more permanent solution to make them attractive and expressive.

Permanent Makeup for Lips:

Collagen is a protein which is responsible for maintaining your skin elasticity.  Sadly, it starts declining when you age or due to the excessive sun exposure and smoking. Collagen degradation sign is visible on the lips, which become thinner and lose the shape. So, it becomes difficult for you to make your lips look fuller and vibrant all the times.

A permanent makeup improves your lips by improving their symmetry and colour tone, thereby giving you luscious and youthful lips.

So, these are the striking benefits of choosing permanent makeup to define the facial features. Make sure to hire a right professional to get your makeup done in safe and satisfying way. Follow the aftercare instructions given by your artist to avoid infection risks. And don’t forget to use SKN skincare products to enhance your post-permanent makeup look!

If you have any query or experience regarding permanent makeup, please share with me by commenting below!

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