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Conscious Control Pilates is a series of mat classes designed to unlock your full potential. It emphasises the importance of learning, understanding and applying sound technique while progressing through a range of moves designed to develop core strength and enhance body awareness.  Its detailed, carefully considered progression through six levels, starting with Foundation Essentials.

Conscious Control Pilates grew out of Darren’s work with elite dancers in companies such as The Australian Ballet and Sydney Dance Company and their need to have this level of guidance available at any time.  Darren himself was a dancer, having trained with the exclusive Australian Ballet School,  he was invited to dance with the Australian Ballet Company and then the Sydney Dance Company. As a dancer  he was introduced to Pilates and found that it gave him a whole new level of understanding about his body – how to balance, strengthen individual weaknesses and build whole body awareness.

Darren kindly gave me a copy of Foundation Essentials and I promised that I would go home and start watching it. After several months of it sitting on my desk, I finally popped it into the DVD.  I knew it would be an educational experience but had no idea just how much I would learn and how many misconceptions I had about pilates.  Foundation Essentials is the most important entry level class of the Conscious Control Pilates series. It’s an introduction  to help you understand how to stabilise your neutral pelvis and spine, whilst challenging stability with isolated movements.  It’s easy to follow, the music calming and Darren’s voice strangely soothing.

After  going through the Foundation Essentials the first time,  I came to realise that the aches and pains I felt in my back was perhaps due to my poor posture and what was really needed instead of  a weekly massage was to build and stabilise the core muscles of my torso. Keeping these muscles strong and focussing on posture and breath hopefully will help break the habitual patterns of movement that are unconscious and unproductive for my body and mind.

“I’m not a dancer or an actress; I’m a 49 year old woman with some back issue  and I just think I may now be a pilates convert. I am planning on going through the Essential Foundations DVD a few more times and then take some actual classes. It may be something that I do at least once  per week for the rest of my life! With weekly classes, I my posture should be better at 60 than it is now at 49.  It’s a goal at least worth aiming for.”

If you want to increase your core strength, improve your lung capacity and improve your mind-body connection, please give pilates a try. You’ll learn to connect your mind with your body and embrace life every day by living in the moment.

If you’re interested in learning more about Conscious Control Pilates why not sign up for a free 20 minute online session to see if is right for you. Simply Click Here.

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It would make an excellent Birthday or Christmas gift for anyone starting or currently doing pilates and an invaluable resource for all those who dance.




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