Product Launching – When things go wrong!

When things go wrong they really do go wrong.

I’d like to think this article has lessons that can be learned for many areas of life, not just launching products.

As some people know I recently started launching an anti aging system to market. Everything was going very well. My ambition was to develop this product with complete transparency,  taking advice and ideas from anyone who was interested and wanted to take this journey with me.

This was the most successful part of the product development, the response was great. People were interested and willing to share their ideas with me.

Before I continue, for the record thank you to everybody who helped me and gave me great feedback. For the brand name I decided on SKN Complex (the product name is still undecided)


How does that look? I hope you like it as much as I do. You will hopefully be seeing a lot more of it!

So what went wrong? What’s that line some people use, was it, “It all boils down to either sex or money!”

Well in this case it the latter, money. The bane of all our existences.

When you’re launching products, and I’d experienced this many times launching for other people, things do go wrong. They go wrong all the time because it’s a complicated process that relies on managing several companies that all have their own processes and lead times. The trick is to account for these. Even though you don’t know what the problems are going to be you can increase the time expectancy and budget requirements. This process always takes longer and is more costly than you expect at the beginning.

But what happened to me was a bit more drastic.

I’d developed the idea, everything was gathering momentum. I had tube manufactures lined up, a printing, a product manufacturer and most importantly people interested in what I was doing. What went wrong was at the manufacturing side of things. The relationship with the manufacturer started off really well, the ideas were flowing and the samples were promised so I waited with anticipation. Then the relationship started to break down, this happened after I discovered  my contact wasn’t a manufacturer but a middle man. I had already invested a large amount of money and when this middle man (I won’t name any names) decided to go on holiday for weeks without letting me contact the manufacturer direct I was forced to cut my losses.

This middle man also started to use some very threatening techniques, nothing I could prove in a court of law but doggy all the same. Things like hinting very strongly he would pass all my secretes to my competition, not just my competition but the people I used to work for if I decided to go with another manufacturer. Even with money on the table you cannot do business with people like this and satisfy their negative egos. It would only end in more tears.

So what impact did this have? Well first off it meant I was out of pocket. Secondly it meant I had to start the manufacture process from scratch, which completely blew out the time line that again costs more money. Everything I planned on doing suddenly had to come to a stop. I panicked and stopped everything. I went back to work and tried to pick up the pieces, I had taken a massive hit.


Was this all a massive mistake? Had I failed? Well the answer to that is, certainly not yet!

I had never really given up. I kept researching and looking for something else to do and trying to better the anti aging product I was so close to manufacturing.

And then I stumbled upon something, a new product idea that has already gone bananas in the USA and the UK, something our market here in Australia has never even heard of yet.

Better still it could be manufactured in half the time and I developed a great relationship with a new manufacturer who gave me a fantastic break to start off manufacturing in smaller quantities so I could actually afford to do it!

But it doesn’t end there, while developing this new product I came up with some even better ideas for my original anti aging system so when I do develop that it will be even better than it was going to be.

I’m going to announce this new product first to the people who showed the most interest in my last product and then I’ll do a full post here on my blog. I will say though that it is also an anti aging system, but only 50% of it, the other 50% is certainly set to surprise you so check back here tomorrow!

It will also be released under the brand SKN Complex.


Finally I’d like to thank all those who stuck with me. Watch this space!

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