Premature Aging & Wrinkling Treatments – You Can Do At Home

The fact of the matter is that wrinkles are an unavoidable signs of aging and none of us is immune to it. As we age, our skin tends to loose its collagen, an essential protein that helps in creating a smooth surface. It is due to the loss of collagen that makes us all vulnerable to developing wrinkles, fine lines, and other premature signs of aging.

A few ways to treat premature signs of aging is by going under the knife and laser treatments; however, all these procedures are ridiculously expensive and known to give rise to awful side-effects. That is why, it is advisable to avoid such nasty treatments and instead opt for home based natural remedies to treat wrinkles and other premature signs of aging.

Fight Premature Signs of Aging

Below mentioned are 6 of the most well-known and highly effective home-based remedies for wrinkle treatments.

#1. Banana Mask

Ripe_bananaBananas are not only a delicious treat for the tongue but also are excellent for the skin when applied topically. Mash one ripe banana, add 1 teaspoon of orange juice, and 1 teaspoon of plain yogurt. Apply the mixture to your facial skin, then leave it for at least 15 minutes.

The Vitamin A will help in healing dark circles and blemishes, Vitamin B in preventing premature aging, and Vitamin E for protecting the skin from free radical damages.

#2. Egg White Mask

eggs for egg white maskIf you are not a big fan of the bananas, then try an egg white mask. Mix together one egg white with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and ½ teaspoon of honey.

Since egg whites are rich in proteins they will help with tissue repair and growth. Egg whites also contain lysozyme, which digests the cell walls of acne-causing bacteria. Moreover, honey will help in reaping its antiseptic and antibacterial benefits, and lemon juice will aid in combating bacteria.

#3. Cucumber Yogurt Mixture

sliced_cucumberMake a puree of half a cucumber with mint leaves, mix a half a cup of Greek yogurt, and allow the mixture to stay in the fridge for some time. Once the mixture turns cool, apply it to the affected areas of the skin.

Cucumber contains folic acid, Vitamin C, calcium, zinc, and potassium, which helps the skin to tighten, lighten, and hydrate. The presence of vitamins help in guarding the skin from inflammation and for neutralizing free radicals, known to cause premature signs of aging.

#4 Aloe Vera

aloe vera plantIt is a good idea to grow an aloe vera plant in your home garden as it is convenient and less expensive than buying an aloe vera cream from a pharmacy store. Sadly, sunburns are the surest and quickest way to damage the skin and wrinkle it more. But, aloe Vera, thanks to the vitamins and minerals that it contains, help in healing skin inflammation.

#5 Lemon Juice

Halved LemonIt is advisable to apply a few drops of fresh lemon juice on your facial skin, especially in areas that have blemishes and age spots. Apply daily for a few weeks to see effective results.


#6 Avocado Pulp

halfan avacadoMost of the natural anti-aging creams contain avocado pulp in it. Avocado is, thankfully, a blessing for those who are suffering from wrinkles and other premature signs of aging. This particular fruit does a fantastic job in slowing down the aging process by reducing wrinkles to a significant extent.

You need to apply the pulp of this fruit an hour before you go to your shower. After the wash, you will notice a conspicuous difference in your skin.

Final words

Mentioned in this article is a list of the most effective and sure-shot home based remedies for treating wrinkles and premature signs of aging. Clearly, these methods are simple to follow and poses no risk to health.


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