Results for my Bust Boost Lift & Tone giveaway

Thanks for all the comments for my last post, they were all really varied and very interesting.

The comments were so good I decided to give an extra 5 units away so 15 in total.

I’m using the first part of your email address to name the people who I’ll send the full Bust Boost, Lift & Tone system to. So congratulations to…
















If the first part of your email address is mentioned here, well done you have been successful.

Sorry to all those who missed  out this time. There will be more opportunities soon I promise.

I’m really looking forward to hearing the feedback!

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liz - January 21, 2011

very sorry I missed out.

elizabeth - January 21, 2011

…. me too !!!

Annamaree - January 21, 2011

Congrats to the lucky people and i do hope we get to hear your feed back.

Anne - January 21, 2011

Looks like “perky” will just have to wait a little longer!

Di - January 21, 2011

wish I could have been around to receive one..oh well maybe next time

Margaret - January 21, 2011

Thank you for being so kind as to select me as one of the recipients of your product. I look forward to trialling it, and reporting on what I’m sure, because of past experience with your products, it’s success. God bless.

Bobbie - January 21, 2011

Yay and thankyou very much. I can’t wait for fresh looking decolletage. Hopefully it brings it back to looking my age – 35 instead of 60 from stupid sunbaking. I’m excited 🙂

Debbie G - January 21, 2011

Thank you. I am one of the chosen few. I am so excited. I didn’t think I had a chance. I hope I can give you some wonderful feedback because I really want this product to work and you deserve to have some success after what you have been through. Thank you again Vicki. I can’t wait to get it.

robyn - January 21, 2011

Hi I am sorry that I missed out this time but hopefully I will get the chance to test and give my feedback on your products in the future….Congrats to the lucky ones who got the chance I really look forward to hearing your opinions..Have a Great day everyone.

Alamia Dolan - January 22, 2011

Thank you very much. I am so glad that I have been choosen to trial your new products. I will send in the feedback and let everyone know how successful it is. I know it will be positive already but I will keep everyone informed.

Thanks again, talk soon Vicki.

Regards Alamia

Nina - January 23, 2011

Sorry I missed out! Looking forward to seeing the feedback and the outcome of the recipients who were fortunate to trial this product!

Maryanne White - January 25, 2011

Thank you so much for giving me a chance at trying Enchance Bust Boost Lift, I did the first lot of excercises and applied the creams, the excercises really get you going, so It is going to be great to see the results in a couple of weeks..i just love the creams, they smell wonderful and feel great on the breasts. I will keep you all up to date with my progress.

Sue fothergill - February 4, 2011

Thanks so much for giving me the chance to try this product! Wow what a difference it has made , the only down side is I have run out & need more.
If you get a chance to try this product don’t pass it up.
P.S My husband sends his thanks too!

    About Vicki Law - February 8, 2011

    Thanks Sue, I’m really happy that you and your husband like the product.

    To be honest I was just so stoked that people wanted to buy Bust Boost, Lift and Tone that I hadn’t really even given much thought about what I would do if they wanted to repurchase. You shouldn’t the full system again as its only the lotions that need to be replenished so I would have to say that the price price will definitely be cheaper. Looks like I have to put my thinking cap on and come up with a suitable replenishment price.

    Just give us a call or an email when you are ready to purchase more and we will certainly look after you.

Sue - February 6, 2011

Thank you Vikki! I recieved my parcel a couple of days ago. Love the packaging, it is simple but smart and effective. Did test patch on arms with no problems so have started using the programme fully. Did find the list of exercises a bit daunting on first look but relaxed when I realised I only had to do a minimum of 3 a day not all of them. Can’t wait to see the results in coming weeks.

    About Vicki Law - February 8, 2011

    Glad to hear that the packages have started to reach their destinations. I don’t know about you Sue, but I tend to get a bit bored doing the same thing over and over again, so it was important to include enough exercises to give a bit of variety.Remember, if you are not use to exercising, start off slow and easy and build up to more reps or add in additional exercises as you progress. Good luck and let us all know how its going.

Debbie G - February 6, 2011

Hi Vicki,

Well my Enhance Bust Boost, Lift and Tone products arrived safely, thank you. I must say I loved the packaging. The colours and the instructions, I think, are perfect. I have been using the system for a week now. I love the light perfume of the creams. I haven’t been able to wear perfume since I was pregnant with my last son (that was 26 years ago) so I do like it when the perfume of a product I am wearing is subtle. The first time I used the Bust Pumping Agent I put miles too much on and I had to massage for ages to get it to absorb. Now I know how much to use. I do find the consistency of this cream a little on the thin side and it is hard to control just how much you get out of the tube. Only a minor problem really. The Bust Lift and Frim Lotion is different it is thicker and easy to control. I really like using both of the products. They make my bust feel nice and soft with a slight warm feeling for a while after massaging in. The exercises are easy to do and well explained with a good variety to choose from. I look forward to seeing the results over the coming weeks.

    About Vicki Law - February 9, 2011

    Thanks so much for the feedback, Debbie its exactly the sort of things I’m interested in knowing. Glad too you like the fragrance I was aiming at subtle but wasn’t sure if I had really achieved it or not.

Margaret - February 16, 2011

Thank you Vicki for selecting me to trial your new product. Firstly I love the subtle fragrance, normally I choose unscented products as the scented types make me feel very ill, this has been the case since having chemotherapy many years agao.
I have been using the product since it arrived about a week and a half ago, and find it easy to use and apply, especially now that I know just how much to use. The only suggestion I have is to perhaps stipulate how much to squeeze from the tube, say the size of a 5 cent piece, or less…that would mean one is less likely to use too much, no great problem except that it takes forever to massage in.
I have already noticed a bit of a difference, the skin on my decolletage and neck doesn’t sag nearly as much and I feel that I may soon be brave enough to shed my high necked tops and show off that area. It is sad that many women experience the skin of this area becoming very ‘old looking’ when they are still in the prime of life.
Keep up the good work my friend. God bless.

Margaret - February 16, 2011

I meant to include in my last reply that I found the exercises easy to do (that is when my body cooperated with me) but I found the supplied band a little hard to keep hold of, even with wrapping it around my hand; but that may be only because of my disability which means that I have little strength or coordination in my right side.

Other than that it is all good. God bless.

Laurelle - February 16, 2011

Dear Vicki, thankyou for choosing me to be one of the lucky ones for once in my life. I have just received the product in the mail and I think the packaging looks awesome and it smells wonderful. I just hope that hope that my luck holds and that it works as well as it smells and looks but look forward to being able to give some positive feedback. Thank you again.

Juanita - February 27, 2011

Hi Vicki,

I want to apologize for not keeping you up-to-date with the Enhance Bust Boost, Lift and Tone products. I have been studying like crazy for my Uni exam on Thursday and I begin my next unit tomorrow morning, so I’ll put down a few thoughts now before bed. I have been using the creams at least once a day, most of the time I use it morning and night as per instructions. I love the packaging and the colours, black and pink are eyecatching and go hand in hand. I love the pink rubber band, so cute, but I do find it quite hard to hold on to when exercising, it bunches up and flicks from my hands. The creams are a lovely consistency but my favourite is the firming lotion, I love the thick texture. The scent of the creams is OK, I wish it had a more natural smell, like essential oils, to me, that would be more holistic. I’ve had to stick to the same 3 exercises, as due to physical problems I cannot get on the floor, I’ve found them quite acceptable to do twice a day. I have very big, droopy breasts (they have lost a great deal of firmness over the past 2 years) and I haven’t noticed anything different with the sizes, firmness, elasticity of them but after using the creams for around 15 days, I have noticed a subtle difference in the appearance of the skin on my chest and decolletage. It’s looking healthier and hydrated. I’m finding I’m going through the Bust Plumping cream heaps quicker as I’m applying plenty to cover my entire breast area and every time I go to squeeze a bit out a fair amount just runs out, it may be an idea to look into the cap for this product and alter it so it dispenses the correct amount each sqeeze or pump. My breasts do feel awesome after application, they feel soft and warm and like all the blood is pumping, so the massage must be doing some good.
So, although I’ve not noticed anything major, I will be continuing to use this system until it’s finished (with my fingers crossed that I will wake up one morning and have my 20 year old boobs again, you never now…….).

I will keep you informed and thanx again for the chance to trial the system.

    About Vicki Law - March 5, 2011

    Hi Juanita
    Results will definitely vary between individuals and although we have had feedback from people to say that they have noticed real change in two week for others it has taken a little longer. It really depends on what you are wanting to achieve but I’m glad to hear that you have noticed a definite improvement in the appearance of your skin in that short time, that’s the anti-aging properties at work.

    As this is the first batch of the product that has been produced and distributed your feedback is a very useful insight into how the product is performing and being received by its users. I will be taking your comments on board and those made by others who have tried Enhance Bust Boost, Lift & Tone to make sure that I’m producing a product meets the expectations of the consumer. So thank you for taking the time to comment and keep going with it and we all look forward to hearing the results once you have used up all of the lotion.

Juanita Thorn - April 7, 2011

Hi Vicki,

I just thought I’d give you an update of the product. I’m just on a website forum right now recommending this to a lady who is searching for a specialty product to use on her breasts, to improve appearance and firmness.
I have a little amount of the Step 1 left but none of Step 2 lotion. I’m still doing the exercises every day. I’m pleased to say that the appearance of my breast/chest area still appears about 90% more positive , than pre Bust Boost, Lift & Tone era. I cannot say that the firmness or lift of my bust has occurred but I wasn’t really expecting that with my size and loss of gravity. I think only surgical intervention will fix that problem. I would and do recommend this to others as I believe it would work really well for ladies with smaller boobs.
I hope everything is still going well for you Vicki.


    About Vicki Law - April 9, 2011

    Hi Juanita

    There is no better advertising for us than to have customers who have purchased and used the product making positive comments about it and recommending it to others. Thank you so much I really appreciate it.

Juanita - September 14, 2011

Hi Vicki,
Just thought I’d give another update on the Bust, Boost & Lift. I receuved the 2nd lot you sent out, thankyou so much. It was good as I’d started to get low on the creams.
About 2 months ago though I had a bloody Bursa pop up in my left shoulder, and due to the pain I’ve been unable to continue with the arm exercises, I can hardly move my left arm. But I’m still applying the creams. When I had to stop using the band I gave it to my Mum with my leftover creams from the first batch, so she could give it a try. She really likes the creams, a lot….Apparently so does my Dad (that’s a worry).
My chest and decollete is still looking really plumped, smooth, hydrated and more even in tone, which looks so much better when I’m wearing tops that show off that area.
So I thought I would keep you informed, but I’m sure you’ve had some wonderful comments regarding these products. Great work.


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