Smart Aging: Investing in Your Appearance

Once we reach the mid stage of life, our skin begins to lose its elasticity and firmness. The signs of aging also become visible on our hair and other parts of our body. Although there’s nothing we can do to stop aging, there’s a whole lot we can do to slow it down. Embracing a healthy lifestyle, taking better care of our skin and seeking professional help when needed can help us combat aging.  Here’s how to invest in your appearance and retain a youthful glow even when you’re well past your twenties.

Improve your lifestyle and routines

Improve your lifestyle and routines

Our lifestyle and habits leave a mark on our body and consequently impact the speed of aging. Eating unhealthy food, consuming too much alcohol and cigarettes and not paying attention to your health in general will only speed up the aging process and make you appear older than you actually are. Embracing a healthy lifestyle and taking care of what you eat can take off quite a few years off your face and body. Be sure to eat enough fruits and vegetables, as they contain high amounts of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that help your skin keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay. Also, drinking plenty of water, especially during the summer months, will keep your body hydrated and your skin nourished and shiny. Adopting healthy eating habits and changing your ways will improve your overall state of health and lower the risk of becoming ill.

Enhance your appearance with skin care products

The importance of proper skin treatments can’t be stressed enough if you want to look and feel confident in the later stages of life. Cleanse your skin regularly and use the best skin care products you can find. Having facials from time to time will help your skin keep its fresh look. Exfoliating is also a necessary step in skin care, as it allows your skin to breathe and regenerate. When exfoliating, don’t limit yourself to the face, but give your whole body a good scrub. It’s also important to use a quality moisturiser to hydrate your skin from the outside and prevent dryness.

Take care of your tresses

hair care

Nothing reflects youth more than healthy and voluminous hair. Visit your hairdresser every two months for a trim, to give your hair a fresh look and prevent the appearance of split ends. Wash your hair in lukewarm water to preserve moisture. Make sure to regularly use a conditioner to keep it smooth and shiny and to prevent it from becoming frizzy. Frequent use of hairdryers, curling irons and hair straighteners dries out your hair and makes it prone to damage and breaking, so avoid these appliances or use hair products that minimise the effects of heat. You can also help your hair from the inside by using Hairfinity hair vitamins that encourage hair growth and make it thick and shiny.

Combat UV rays

UV rays can seriously damage your skin, speed up aging and causing serious diseases if we don’t limit our exposure to them. Avoid staying directly in the sun during the hottest periods of the day (10 a.m.-3 p.m.) and always cover your head with a wide-brimmed hat when you’re walking in the sun during the summer months. A good sunscreen with an SPF 15 or higher is a must all year round.

Extra sweating pays off


Staying in good shape is crucial for your present and future health. Engaging in physical activity, even if it’s just walking, keeps the extra pounds off, enables you to stay fit, improves your mood, and help you gain more confidence. Moreover, while we sweat, our body goes through a detox and gets rid of any unwanted substances.

We can’t undo aging, but we can make the right choices and retain our health and vitality for many years to come. Taking care of your body from the inside out is a smart investment that will secure you a bright future.

About the Author

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about travelling, fashion and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.” You can connect with Tracey via High Style Life, FaceBookr, Twitter

  • Cassie Liz

    Love these tips. You’re certainly right that we can’t avoid ageing but I sure hope I’m able to age gracefully 🙂 .

    • Vicki Law

      Just eat healthy, drink plenty of water and have a good simple skin care routine and you will be ok.

  • Abby Lewtas

    Thanks for these wonderful tips!! It’s always such a good reminder!

    • Vicki Law

      You are welcome.

  • These are great tips – some very important advice here! Adn stuff that will help you be healthier too! 🙂

    • Vicki Law

      Glad you have taken something away from it.

  • Cindy’s Travel Diaries

    Thanks for the tips 😉

    • Vicki Law

      You are welcome.

  • Stacey Dadd

    Great advice. There’s nothing I love more than a little self care, it just happens to be awesome for my body too, not just my soul and mental health!

    • Vicki Law

      A little me time can do a world of good.

  • Susanne Leggett Stewart

    Great tips! I will be 50 this year and I hate exercising, lol! But I am going to have to start working it into my routine….menopause is not being kind to me.

    • Vicki Law

      Menopause can be bitch. My skin changed once I hit 50 so I had to really look at what I was using on my skin.

  • Hi Vicki! These are such great tips and I admit that I hardly take care of my skin like I should! I really need to establish my own skin care routine and stick with it! Love your advice though! Definitely going to pass this along! <3

    • Vicki Law

      It’s never too late to start.