Stop & Reverse The Aging Process – DNA Based, Nobel Prize Winning Science

One of three Nobel Prize 2009 winning Professors of Chemistry, Australian, Elisabeth H. Blackburn has conducted some of the most important research in discovering the fountain of youth in a life time.

With the discovery that won the Nobel Prize in 2009 about how we age, the world of cosmetics is changing. AND SKN Complex is at the forefront.This ground breaking research by Australian Elisabeth H. Blackburn has told us how we age and with that knowledge anything is now possible.It is quite hard to explain so read carefully.The Nobel prizing winning discovery was about a new enzyme called telomerase. A telomere is part of our DNA chromosome, sort of like the ends of our shoelaces keeping the DNA from untangling. As the DNA divides to form new cells the telomere gets shorter until eventually it gets too short and the cell dies. As more cells in our bodies die from shortening telomeres, the more we age.What makes this discovery jaw-dropping is that the enzyme telomerase is what manufactures the telomeres and therefore if we can activate telomerase not only can we stop and extend the aging process but with other ingredients, actually reverse it!My unique formula was developed using a scientifically engineered ingredient called Teprenone by leading French scientists and researchers and is teamed up with another wonder ingredient called Astragalus. Astragalus contains TA-65 molecules, which may activate telomerase and thus maintain the length of our telomeres.

As we heard before it’s maintaining the length of telomeres that is thought to be the fountain of youth. Together in the same winning anti-aging formula makes Revive Restore & Extend DNA YOUTH SPAN is a force to be reckoned with and the only anti-aging formula combining these two powerful ingredients that we know of!

Just like famous cosmologist Carl Sagan once said:

“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”

Check out the results of a recent clinical trial:

  • 100% had increased the levels of moisture in their skin
  • 100% saw the appearance of sun spots improve
  • 90% + saw a decrease in redness and pore size
  • 75% experienced an improvement in skin tone and elasticity
  • 75% felt roughness and the appearance of fine lines fade

These results aren’t just extraordinary they are amazing!



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